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[Tournament] Counterpick Cake - Signups Open! - Starts May 31

Counterpick Cake

(credit to @feathers for the inspiration)

We’re down to the last month of IYL before the playoffs, so it’s time to start signing up for the next tournament! We’ll start it up at the beginning of June, and this time, the focus is on using Divide and Choose to fix bad matchups!


  • Double elimination
  • Best of 5
  • Medium timer
  • Double KO is a win for both players, unless it would cause both to win the set.
  • Character Selection
    • Each player will pick a character at the start of the tournament, either publicly, or by PMing the TO (@vengefulpickle). They will use that character for all games in the tournament.
    • At the start of a match, one player will be selected as the first bidder. They will choose an amount of life to handicap either character being played by (That character is considered to have lost the game if they go below that life total, and must concede). The other player then chooses which side of the handicapped matchup to play.
    • After each game, the player who lost may propose a new handicap, and their opponent chooses which side of the MU to play.
    • For example, if @vengefulpickle (playing BBB for the tournament) matches up against @mysticjuicer (playing Troq for the tournament like a goon), and @vengefulpickle is handicapping first, I might choose “Handicap BBB by 5 life” (because I don’t think BBB has much of an advantage over Troq). @mysticjuicer could then decide to play Troq against BBB-5, or play BBB-5 against Troq.
    • FAQ:
      • Can you set both characters to 1 health? No, you only modify the life of one character, and it resets on counterpick.
      • Can you handicap at 0 (no health modification)? Yes.
  • Double-Down counts as a win for both players unless they are at match point.
  • Matches will be played weekly!
  • No EX characters (obviously)

Signups will be open until Saturday, May 30th at 11:59 PM UTC, with opening round conversations going out the next day. Confirm your signup, or feel free to ask any questions you may have here.

Participants (15)
  1. vengefulpickle :vendetta:/:bbb:
  2. JJJDragon31 :jaina:/:valerie:
  3. mastrblastr :midori:/:gloria:
  4. MysticDeadman :gwen:/:gloria:
  5. Castanietzsche :quince:/:menelker:
  6. Caralad :troq:/:menelker:
  7. feathers :gloria:/:bbb:
  8. CarpeGuitarrem :onimaru:/:gloria:
  9. Ginorm :midori:/:valerie:
  10. Ivan :setsuki:/:grave:
  11. Cu3ert :vendetta:/:persephone:
  12. Nopethebard :rook:/:setsuki:
  13. Zqxx :midori:/:argagarg:
  14. ElZajonco :zane:/:rook:
  15. snoc :lum:/:gloria:

I would like to sign up… My username is JJJDragon31. I choose Jaina as my character. Thanks


I’ll decide whether to sign up later, but one question I have is what happens if you get a mirror match? Or I suppose more generally, can you choose to set a handicap of zero?

Is there a limit on handicaps, or can people just set both characters to 1 health?

You only get to modify the health of 1 character, so no, you can’t set both characters to 1 health.

Yes, you can set a handicap of 0.


wow this is 99% of the idea i wanted for the tournament i wanted to run, so definitely in


So just to clarify in your example: If the 3B player gets to 5 or few HP, that’s the round, correct? The 3B player must concede and the set moves to the next game?

I just want to be 100% sure on that before I make a decision on participation.

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I will say in my gut this feels “better” as losing player can “CP” one character from the previous fight to a different character and the winning player then sets the handicap for the new match? Choosing the side is a big advantage over setting the handicap, I’m not sure you want the winner having that edge?

FWIW my idea was

  1. MU gets decided “somehow”
  2. Auction life total until someone wants the favorite aka you say bbb-1 if you would take bbb at that level then MJ can say ok or bbb-2 or bbb-7 or whatever thne you can say ok you have it or offer a steeper handicap

edit: on thought 1st MU would be decided double blind and then loser would be able to change 1 char (so you don’t need the be expert at the whole cast to be able to play this)

My understanding is that this is correct, yes. One player sets a handicap on a character of some number of hitpoints, the other player picks which side of the matchup to play, then the game is played and if the handicapped character falls to a number of hitpoints equal to or less than the handicap, they lose and must forfeit that game.


If that’s the case, then I’m in. This is the kind of gimmick I can get behind.


I’ll play Gwen, obviously.


Hmm. That’s an interesting flavor. I honestly wasn’t sure whether setting the handicap or picking the side is better. In theory, they should be the same (that’s the whole point of the cake-cutting procedure).

I want to avoid the back-and-forth auctioning, since divide-and-choose solves the same problem in only a single interaction.

I like the idea of including both a CP and a handicap step, but I’ve already announced the format… So, poll time!

To be clear, the choices are either: the tournament as written (each player has a character, and then they handicap/choose to pick who plays each side, and re-handicap between games), or a standard CP tournament, except that the loser CPs, then the winner sets the handicap, then the loser picks the side (after each game).

  • One character per player
  • Counterpick then handicap

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Count me in ! :menelker:

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Count me in. If we go one Character per player, I’ll decide later.


I’ve wanted this format for a long time, thanks for making it happen! I’ll go with :bbb: if @Tekopo isn’t going with him, and :gloria: otherwise.

@mastrblastr - your idea does sound like a good one, personally I just wanted the first go of this tourney to be hassle free especially coming off of IYL. Plus it’d be fun to see which characters people stick with and weave narratives out of those.


Sign me up! PM sent


Sure why not: :midori:
Backup Character: :valerie:

is there any way we can avoid a full set of mirror matches? I hate mirror matches to death and a full set of them sounds terrible. I’d love like an alt choice that comes up only if 2 people face that had the same main choice


That seems like a reasonable concern, and a minor rules adjustment. We have a separate tournament for mirror matches, and it defeats the point of handicapping.

So, everyone nominate a backup character. In the case of a mirror, the initial second player will switch to their backup character.


Sign me in. I will go with :setsuki: and backup char :grave:

I’ll do :gloria: main and :bbb: backup, then!