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TOPANDA player list


Please let me know ASAP if you would be willing to participate in TOPANDA 2 if it were to start in October. It looks like I’m going to be running this show.

Also, I welcome opinions on how player selection should be done. My current thinking: TOPANDA should always be 12 players, 2/3 “old blood” and 1/3 “new blood,” meaning players who do not qualify for top 8 are barred from entry in the next event UNLESS there are vacancies created by qualifying players who are unable to attend. Then these players are invited back in order of how well they performed in the prior event.

I’m personally pretty attached to this line of thinking, but if the community overwhelmingly disagrees, I would be willing to budge on it. Maybe!

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I was thinking it should be based on players who did the most crowd pleasing thing by playing lesser seen characters.


I think Ryker retired.

I cannot play until early november.

I think we have to start in October in order to get the tournament over with in Jan or early Feb 2017 (I don’t want it to go any longer than that). I would be willing to extend some leeway in scheduling, however.

@Redless or @anyone who is in contact with @ntillerman, please be his spokesperson while he’s sipping on his banhattan.

ntillerman says that he’ll only compete in your tournament if you give his good friend Redless 100$. And that if you don’t you’re not his friend anymore.

He also might say something else, he hasn’t replied much besides asking for you to give me moeny.


Ok, that’s cool. What’s your Venm…hey, wait a minute!

ntillerman wants you to do an interview series with all the top topanda players and post it on the forums, then he can “probably” play.

yo put @mastrblastr in this thing. Homie is too strong. Dad-san too.


Yeah, mastrblastr and IamNobody are essentially stone cold locks for two of the four “new blood” spots. @cpat would be too if he still played Yomi…

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So, @NotTillerman, you playin or what? What’s the dills?

lol at “new blood” IaN

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Well it is in quotes…

I’ve gotten two “no’s” (Raziek and Ryker), two “yes’s” (ratxt1 and Jengajam), and one maybe, dependent on timing (deluks917).

@hartley and @ntillerman, pls.

Update! @ntillerman is confirmed! @hartley-chan where are youuu!??

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Being a pop star in my head canon.

(Seriously though think hes just a busy dude hasn’t entered since Summer Smash due to time commitments.)


Confirmed player list update!


And two players to fill the four guaranteed open spots have been selected and have accepted. They are:


Still waiting on confirmation from @hartley and @deluks917, and they will continue to be bugged until they give a definitive answer :).

Hartley said:
"I’ll have to give that some thought”

So, basically yes.