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Thursday Night Throwdown: Week 8

Hey, it wasn’t me! I’m just reporting what others said!

…Though I’ll admit to saying BBB. Still, I wasn’t the only one who said that!

@MysticDeadman, no casuals tonight?

Welp, I’m in casuals, hanging out. Come fight me!

I would if I could, but I have no WiFi where I am tonight. Maybe next week!

Yeah, sorry. Had to work last night. Casuals will be this Friday!

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Cool, I’ll update the calendar event/twitter ping.


This week’s episode opens at approximately 3:30 PM (GMT -5)! Join in on the fun! FRIDAY NIGHT IS FIGHT NIGHT!


Is this happening today?

Sorry, I can’t tonight. I’m working every night this week. If anyone else wants to get it going, though, feel free to do so.

May join for a bit after HotS.

I’ll be online later. Will post when I get there.

I’m going to spectate IYL variable v FaceOnMars, and then will set up a casuals room.


Went ahead and changed this thread’s title for you. Hope you don’t mind, @MysticDeadman!

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Nah, it’s cool. Go for it!

I mean, No! Don’t touch my s*** bro!


Friday night casuals? :rocket:

This week’s edition of Wednesday Night Casuals/Warzone/Whathaveyou will be preceded by a Mystic Deadman Double-Header! Tune in for all the hype Yomi action on one loaded Wednesday!


These battling cards are interesting indeed. Could I join your warzone?


Tune in at 3:00 PM CDT (GMT-5) to join in on the action!

Wednesday Night Casuals will be delayed until Thursday this week due to my work schedule.

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Thursday Night Throwdown is LIVE!
Come join the fun!