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Thursday Night Throwdown: Week 8

Hey guys, girls, and various bovine species!

Wednesday night is Fight Night in the Realm!

I’ll be hosting a casuals lobby from the time of this post until sometime late tonight. If you’re in the mood for some laid back, yet hard-hitting action, look no further than Fantasy Strike’s Wednesday Night Casuals! Join in on the fun! Everyone from everywhere at every skill level is invited to take part, so come slam some cards with us! See you there!

(EDIT: this may or may not be a thinly-veiled way for me to get back into the swing of the game)


Bump for activity. Casuals are happening!


Oh no I’m am going to the other Wednesday Night Fights

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Turns out that when I started the room, I got called away on an errand.
There’s another room open, though, so feel free to hit that one up!

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And people think this game is dead.

5 hours later, and after I leave, people are still throwing down.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play tonight. Due to my work schedule, the next episode of Casuals will be on Thursday, the 18th. See you filthy casuals then!



This was great fun!


That was a great casuals night. So many people, so many games, so much fun. I stayed up until after 4am :psyduck:


There’s a good chance I will be demoing Fantasy Strike on Wednesdays coming up, but if not I’ll keep my schedule open to stream! Can I get a co-pilot @MadKing @mysticjuicer @Bomber678?

Maybe I’ll get my feet wet and play some casuals, too! Gotta train up for all of these tournaments (and see how far everyone’s anti-Midori tech is coming along!)


I don’t know exactly what time these start for me, but it’s usually very early morning. We’ll see.

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When I host, we’ll probably start somewhere around 3-4 PM CDT (UTC -5)

I just threw a repeating entry for Weds Night Casuals onto the IYL Calendar (

EDIT: And now it’s actually on the calendar.


Okay so this is happening tomorrow night right? Any particular time?

Isn’t Wednesday today? Or did I miss a change of date?

@MysticDeadman said last week that it would be on Thursday this week. I’d quote it, but my phone has decided recently that selecting text on these forums is not allowed…

That said, it might be a bit of an issue that @vengefulpickle’s IYL Twitter tweeted (automatically?) that it’s today at 4 (which time zone?), and that it’s shown as today on the IYL calendar.

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I’d host casuals anyway but I’m dead tired.

Y I’ll try and be there tonight and tomorrow, but it’ll likely be later in the evening.

Yeah, I was going to tweet out a correction once it was more clear what was going on.

I wanna play nowwwwwwwwwwwwww

For those who might be curious, @Copper8642 got to play! His :menelker: faced off against my :setsuki: to mixed results (and the @Copper8642 system was in short supply), and then he played against a series of random draws by @cpat. All in all, good fun was had. Looking forward to more tomorrow!

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