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Thoughts on the colors/specs?

Now that the game is out, and people have had time to play some matches in person or online;

What are your thoughts on the game - the colors, the specs, the balances?

Nearly every other “Play-by-forum” deck has black somewhere in there (Necromancy/Demonology); heck, the CAFS tournament has 9/23 (~40%) decks containing at least one black spec;

Additionally, what’re peoples thoughts on Blue decks (mono-colored or splash(ing/ed)? They seem to be the least popular color (but that’s not saying much), though people are trying things, and may find their hearts/playstyles in other colors. I’m wondering if Blue is a color that’s better more as support than as a core color for a lot of spec combos.

Neither of the thoughts above speak anything to the balance of the game, just limited observations.

Really, the game seems pretty solid all around, even if some colors are more popular (not necessarily stronger) than others.

imo and ime all colors are op, menaing a skilled tech choice and a lucky draw can wipe u out in 2 turns. Do not underestimate peace, the most popular blue spec. Booth camp, paired with a purple starter can give u an early and immortal unit who keeps getting stronger. Blood combined with necro is great, cuz crashbarrow can rise from graveyard or from garth maxb. and this is just skimming the surface :stuck_out_tongue:

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IMO this game is the perfect example of the “easy to learn - hard to master” game : )
For the moment most popular specs are Blood, Anarchy, Balance, Peace, Demonology, Necromancy, Past, Present, Finesse and the 3 White specs.

I don’t think that a player can affirm you today “ok Bashing / Future / Law are definitely crap specs” because atm no one experimented the game enough to be 100% sure.

IMO Sirlin did right nerfing Midori, as mono blue has few answers (IMO) to pure hero-based strategies.
Maybe Pirate Gunship and Flagstone Garrison would have deserved a nerf too, but let’s experiment the game as it is and find by ourselves if these strategies can be countered or not !

For the moment I haven’t seen a single game where unpopular specs (ex : [Law]/Future/Bashing) won against popular ones.

imo the game is simply perfect. the only objection i have is that while bashing is fine, troq is really bad except in bashing vs finesse.
Edit: i mean the spec is good, the hero is bad

He needs tons of levels to maxband, it’s almost impossible to rely on him for ultimate :confused:
And Troq is crazily weaker than Onimaru / Rook, while having worse spells :confused:

IMO he is kinda like the Halflings in Blood Bowl, but np I prefer a underpowered spec to an overpowered one :slight_smile:

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Blue starter / mono-blue is the hardest color to play, which has limited its success and popularity. We don’t know if its the equivalent of Yomi’s Geiger, Gloria, or Persephone yet in power level, though.

The individual blue specs have all had success in multi-color combinations, though.


Why is Troq good in Bashing VS Finesse?

Because Finesse don’t have deathtouch/bounce/board clear abilities and Troq can stand a long time with ironmen. Bashing’s Tech III is ok, and can win the game.
Finesse really needs a card supply, and is much better assisted with Flagstone Garrison or Geiger’s ultimate. What is more, Surplus can be destroyed by Troq’s spells and Bashing units kinda easily.

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As some one who participated in play testing it warms my heart to hear that 60% of the heroes are “the popular ones”.

Also challenge accepted. Time to master and win with [Future]/Law/Disease.


Challenges you to a game vs [past]/peace/anarchy :smiley:

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Troq’s ultimate is incredibly powerful. I haven’t played much with his final versions and maybe it does just cost too much to go for now, but in some earlier versions where that spell was on a level 5 maxband hero it was game-warping and I’d be surprised if there weren’t still some situations where it would shine.

It’s also another reason why he’s a good matchup vs. Finesse: The kind of board presence Finesse wants to build up is particularly vulnerable to this ultimate.

What was Midori like before?

Don’t tell me that something is low-tier; I might want to do my best to play it and win with it! XD

Midband used to give +2/+2 to units without text.
3/3 Black token skelettons, 5/5 Spectral Hounds, 5/6 Ironmen :slight_smile:

@Castanietzsche: Wow, that would have been OP. Good eye, @Sirlin/Codex Team.

It also reduced their cost by 1. So, 5/5 hounds for 0 gold.

Pops your hound with deteriorate.

It was only OP on some matchups.
Doom Grasp and Snapback were really good against it, but Blue/Neutral specs didn’t have any nice answer (as far as I know).
I’d simply have changed “your units” by “all units” on the original Midori card if I were the game designer thought.
But like that the game is good as it is IMO :slight_smile:

It was actually fine, albeit strong, in most cases and even the worst case was arguably manageable. I believe the main reason it was changed was because it was too game warping. We don’t want every game with Midori in it revolving around his midband.