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The Dreadlands Amphitheater [Heavy Metal Thread]

I figured I’d make a continuation of the FS metal thread, since I like metal. Talk about metal here. Some guidelines:

  1. All sub-genres are welcome. No bullying.

  2. When posting links to music streams (e.g. Youtube), post hyperlinks. Do not embed videos directly into your posts. Having a dozen+ Youtube videos on a page sucks. Note that posting the Youtube URL will automatically embed it. To make a hyperlink, use the following syntax:

    [Saint Vitus - Dying Inside](

    That will produce the following hyperlink:

    Saint Vitus - Dying Inside

  3. This should go without saying, but follow the forum rules. Don’t provide links or information for illegally obtaining music. Don’t post clearly hateful or explicit content.

Other than that, talk about whatever. Shows you’ve been to, shows you’re looking forward to, what you’re currently listening, recommendations, etc. It’s all good.

I’ll kick things off with one of my favorite songs I’ve been listening to lately, “In Death’s Sleep” by Dismember, from their album Like an Everflowing Stream. Look at that album artwork. Beautiful.


I,I :gwen: I,I

I’m not into the hardcore stuff but I do like me some metal.
I know there are dozens of super-specific sub-genres and I am very uneducated where it comes to them, so please bear with me.
My first metal memory was listening to Rammstein in my dad’s car as a child.

I never really got into music as a child/pre-teen until a friend got me some Blind Guardian albums as a birthday gift.
My circle of friends was quite nerdy in highschool so it comes as no surprise that they’ve got me into the popular stuff (System of A Down) but also the fantasy/folk inspired stuff.

German folk/metal band Subway to Sally is still one of my favorites though a lot of their stuff (the very old and the very new) can be very hit or miss. Since I don’t think they are very well-known outside of Germany (tho some of you may have watched their performance at Eurovision a few years ago), here’s one of their more metal-y songs:
Youtube: Kämpfen Wir
This one was their Eurovision song: Youtube: Auf Kiel


Thanks for making this!


My music taste is pretty all over the place. Mostly I like to listen to mathy stuff that isn’t as heavy, but I can always enjoy stuff like Dillinger or Number 12. At the moment I’m pretty sure that the best album ever written is Rolo Tomassi’s Astraea.

My metal history: I jumped straight in the deep end with this ridiculous death metal by Linux celebrity Jono Bacon at the age of 17. I went through all the normal stuff at that point, then kind of came out the other side and got into post-rock and math-rock. I’ve since been floating around these genres: see my profile for all the gory details.


German is such a great language for metal. I need to check out some Folk Metal, but I’m a bit swamped with other metal atm.

Up until a couple months ago, I listened to a lot of Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, and Lamb of God, but little other metal. I mentioned off-hand to a friend of mine that LoG’s New American Gospel was one of my favorite albums ever. She told me it was full of generic bro riffs and that I should listen to some real metal, like Bolt Thrower. I don’t know what a bro riff is, but I liked Bolt Thrower, and realized I should expand my metal horizons. So I’ve been listening to tons and tons of new stuff. I started off with Death Metal, and I’m kind of dipping my toe in Black and Doom Metal right now. The Saint Vitus I linked in the OP is Doom, but probably the best-known Doom Metal band would be Black Sabbath.


I still need to listen to New American Gospel…

I think it’s a bit silly to be ashamed of what kind of metal you like. But I say that as someone who got into the genre via the Metalocalypse cartoon, so of course I would defend my babby metal palette that way. :wink: If you get a chance to see them, I really can’t recommend checking out a Dethklok concert enough. The shows are full of fellow dorks, and they tour with some really great acts, imo.

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Hi guys I listen to lots of Van Canto, but it’s really the only metal I listen to.
Something about a capella in all forms really appeals to me.
What are your thoughts?

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A capella is a rad format. The only thing about Van Canto I don’t like as much is the guitar solos. They do some really cool stuff, and while it’s not as heavy as the original in most cases, I love the arrangements they do. Their cover of Master of Puppets for instance, when it gets to the quieter guitar section? So pretty.

It’s not a capella, but the bluegrass covers of Metallica classics might appeal to you!

Iron Horse - Enter Sandman

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I think the guitar solos are some of their best work, because of how hilarious it is for a guy to be going “WEEYOOOWAWOWWWWWW NYEEEAHH WEYAAAAWAAAWAHAAAA” into a mic


Heheh. Differen strokes. :slight_smile:

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I prefer their cover of The Bard’s Song (In thr Forest) over the original any day. Their Iron Maiden stuff is amazing, too!


I love their covers a lot, but I love their original stuff so much more.

Steel Breaker, Badaboom, The Mission, Speed of Light and Take to the Sky rank in my favourite songs of all time.

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Oh, I didn’t know they did original stuff. I always assumed I just didn’t know the originals. The Mission was really good!

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The Mission was the first song they wrote, it is my favourite song of all time, and my personal theme song.
I got to hear them perform it live with Master of Puppets thrown in the middle.

Yes, I am the luckiest man alive.


I have been listening to metal for a long long time and my tastes have changed since I first started.

Early on I ranged from Cradle of Filth to Alice in Chains. I have sort of grown out of Cradle of Filth, but dabble every now and then.

Now I am really into Opeth, both old and new. Some people do not like the new progressive metal direction, but I love Opeth to death so I am happy to hear anything they make. I have seen them live and they blew my mind.

I also enjoy Mastodon, some Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth and The Sorrow (I know a weird mix).

My recent new favourite additions are on the fringes of metal. Pallbearer is my newest love, but Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are new as well. I love the older sound from these bands. I have also been enjoying SleepMakesWaves and Pelican, they do not have singers and it is a refreshing change.

I have one song that has been an eternal favourite (even if the band went south really quickly), it is called Bringer of the Sixth Sun by Covenant. A friend of mine introduced it to me, he said he loved it because if you closed your eyes you can imagine horse riders across grassy fields on a stormy night with castles lit by lightning - that description stuck with me ever since.

Bringer of the Sixth Sun - Covenant

\m/ -_- \m/


I thought this sounded like a good Power Metal song so I looked up the band on Metallum and it says they’re Electronic/Industrial Metal.

Genres are hard.


Van Canto’s cover of The Bard’s Song is basically the only Van Canto song I prefer to the original, which is wild because I love Blind Guardian


I listen to a lot of metal, ranging from heavy metal form the 80’s (if you can still call that heavy) to avant-garde black metal, with a lot in between. The only subset I’m not too fond of would be trash, and any band that has vomit or rape in the name. I’m that kind of small-minded.

Yesterday evening, I attended to a Sunn O))) concert in Munich. I have to say that Sunn is in my top 5 bands of all time, if not at the first place, I just love them to death. Seeing them live is quite an experience, not really a concert, but more a kind of religious, or spiritual if you will, ceremony. I understand it may not look like fun to have some guys droning for ages and barely touching their guitars. For maybe 10 mn, one of the guy was just standing in front of the other, arms in the air, letting the vibrations of the other guitar play his own. I guess that happens when the music is so loud and saturated with extremely low sounds that even the air around you is moving (seriously, you could feel the air under you feet when lifting them, like a moving stream).

In any case, it was a truly special experience, something that probably cannot be reproduced or explained in any way.


Has anyone listened to the new Vektor album? I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop since I heard it a few weeks ago.

Vektor – Terminal Redux


Yep, it’s a pretty great one!

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