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The 6.0 Club

Allow me to embarrass, or more likely, inflate the egos of our top competitive Yomiers. These are the select few whose lifetime tournament win rates* exceed 60%, as detailed in mysticjuicer’s historical MU chart. May we all aspire to be as Yomi or even Yomier than these brave emperors, madmen, and princesses.

  1. @deluks917
  2. @Raziek
  3. @cpat
  4. @Thelo
  5. @ntillerman
  6. @Fivec
  7. @IamNobody

Note: you must have played at least one hundred tournament matches to be included in the 6.0 club. Let me know if I missed anyone. There is champagne and caviar in the lobby.

*Restricted events and team tournaments are excluded.


I believe @bob199 should be in here if you are going by lifetime set win rate. One problem that I have with the 6.0 club is that some players lose alot before they start winning.

Maybe think about resetting the leaderboard every once in awhile to give players a 2nd chance. You could also give the previous 6.0 members an honorary hall of fame type of acknowledgement. It is cool either way. #my2cents


I’m going by game win rate, so Bob is not eligible at this time.

I second this. Without a refresh, the more recently you started playing in tournaments the less likely you’re ever going to make the list. Could even do it in such a way that you’re only ever counting the 100 most recent games or something.


I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t see it as a problem. The list is meant to be highly exclusive, and while everyone on the list was, more or less, an established tournament player before you started (very generously) tracking win rates, I’m not going to change it until it becomes a problem. “A problem,” in my mind, would be several clearly established top players who started after 2014 not making the list.

I think @mastrblastr is the only player who currently fits that description.

Also, please someone tell me how to quote :frowning:

If you select the text of a post, a context button reading “quote reply” pops up.


Sweet, thanks.


I think that looking at last 100 games might be eye opening. Without looking at the performance of people who are excluded, how can you evaluate whether the effect of the exclusion is reasonable or not?

Also, off the top of my head, FenixOfTheAshes.

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I thought Fenix started before 2014. If not, then yeah, he would certainly be a candidate for a new player who “should be” on the list.

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100 games is a really small sample size. If we were going to go a less permanent route, I would recommend A) inducting all current members into some sort of hall of fame and B) making the new 6.0 club cover the last 200+. This gives people a way to get away from a bad start without forcing us to use a sample size that is very small.

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I’m planning on inducting 6.0 players into a “Hall of Fame,” but only after they’ve stopped playing for 5 (!) years. Of course, I can’t guarantee I’ll care after that amount of time or even that Yomi will still be played.

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Its my own fault for scrubbing out in the tourney i entered the day I learned the rules and was double elim and faced raz and mercy in my 2 rounds. I’ve constantly hovered at the border and based on if you remove char lock or random select I’m in, but I don’t think this is an issue. I’m just gonna Git Gud and then I’ll be in. Any day now hopefully :wink:


Yeah those seem like some really big “if’'s” to me. For whatever it’s worth, some of the winrates of the players on this list actually go up if you only look at the last year.

Shouldn’t this be called the 0.6 Club? Since 60% is actually 0.6 and not 6.0?
Or you could go for win/loss ratio. Than it could be the 1.5 Club



EDIT: Psych. I’m not sure the most recent tourney matches have been loaded. @mysticjuicer can you confirm?

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W…which results? The last sets that include [person who you are potentially adding to the ranks] were, in reverse order:

  1. Olympics: mastrblastr wins 3-1
  2. Rook’s RnR: [person] wins 3-0

Yeah I think you missed the Double Blind semi results.

If they were posted to Discord I haven’t had time to record them, yeah.

Ok, I’ll check back in a little bit. Please stand by for potential member inclusion!

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