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Team USA vs The World 5 - Team USA Wins - Leads Series 3-2

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The World defeated Team USA to tie the series up at two games each. Can Team USA take control back or will The World take the lead? Come join in on the fun.


Top 5 players signed up for each region (According to ELO at time of sign-up)

First region to five wins will win the set

Each team member claims three characters in thread during sign-up

Each player will be seeded according to tournament ELO

The seeded format will be 1 vs 5, 2 vs 4, and 3 vs 3 (single game, winners move on to final round)

If neither side completely eliminates the other team during round 1, the final round will begin.

The highest (5 being the highest) remaining seeds from each side will square off. The winner will stay on to take on the next highest seed until one side is completely eliminated.

Each match will be double blind picks between the three declared characters for each player.

Match Rules

Double Blind Pick (Selected from players three available characters)

Mid Timer

Double KO = Replay Match with no wins or losses awarded

Sign Ups:

Team USA

Seed - Name - ELO (at time of sign-up)

  1. Niijima-San - 1999
  2. Leontes - 1792
  3. Fluffiness - 1787
  4. CKR - 1780
  5. sharpobject - 1672
  6. Shax - 1505

Team World

Seed - Name - ELO (at time of sign-up)

  1. mysticjuicer - 1943
  2. Caralad - 1915 (?)
  3. Bob199 - 1800
  4. Bomber678 - 1743 (?)
  5. Attilian - 1615

I will sign up with :zane: :setsuki: :onimaru: for Team USA.

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midnight is an awful starting time for an euboi. seems i’m destined to never take part in this

The match time can be adjusted. The problem is that people in Asia are on the opposite side of the clock. For example, I believe @Bob199 is in Taiwan. His time would be 6 am. If I move it any earlier, it will be even worse for them.

As the sign-ups come in, I will have a better idea of how to deal with this. For now, the start time is not set in stone. It may be adjusted by a few hours.


I could move it to 11am EDT. This would be pretty early for the people on the west coast. I would appreciate any opinions that potential players may have about this issue.


I’m in for Team World with Troq, Onimaru, and Setsuki.


I’ll (perhaps stupidly) play for team USA, with vendetta, Zane, and Menelker.


Count me back in for team world. Team is :troq: :valerie: and :degrey:


If I don’t get any qualifying sign-ups from Asia, the start time will be adjusted to 3pm EDT. This should help the people in the EU.

The event should run a little over an hour,

Edit: Also, paging @Thelo. I am pretty sure your from Canada. Would you like to play? I might as well make sure Team World has all the Troqs. That will help Team USA to have a singular focus.

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If USA actually woke up early for once , then EU would have an afternoon start =b


This might happen Bob. We shall see. Are you signing up?

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But of course

:disguisedmonkey: / :valerie: / :persephone:


Alright, the time has been moved to 12pm EDT. This is more fair for all involved. Hey @Legion, I think this should fit into your time requirements.

I might have to speak to work then. I generally finish at 1pm EDT on Saturdays.

Well, I don’t know. 12pm EDT, is still midnight for @Bob199. Bob, is this alright with you? I could move it too 11am EDT. @Caralad , keep me updated on your situation with work. I really want you to be able to play. International scheduling is difficult. We will do the best we can.

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Well work for me on Saturdays is usually 11am BST to 6pm BST. I can see if I can ask to shift swap and finish a bit earlier, or have it off. But I’ll have to speak to some people.


That is some next level effort. I bow to your hardcore spirit.

The earlier the better

10 AM EDT is the start time. No further time changes will be made.


Then put me on a tentative hold for now then as unless I have that day off I can’t make it.

Ehh there’s a chance I can cast this. Uncertain.
I have work the next morning.