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Team battle games (2 vs 2) : are they fun?


I haven’t played this game mode yet, as I’ve never got 4 players around the table for this game. I guess it’s a similar mode to the 2-headed troll for Magic the gathering.

Is it a good mode for Puzzle strike? Are you using other game modes with 4 players?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Zyler !
The 4 players free-for-all in Puzzle Strike is the best 4 players FFA game I’ve ever played. It’s even better than the 1v1. You’ve got to be really strategic on how high on the bar you want to be, who you’re going to gank, which piles you’re wanting to empty, etc.
You can’t be really out of the game or 100% sure to win, but contrary to games such as the Munchkin having an advantage doesn’t mean you’re going to get ganked by everyone and loose the game.

PS is really awesome in 1v1v1v1, I 100% recommend it.

The 2v2 is a bit less nervous but still very good. You’ve got to get the same rythm as your partner and it’s not easy with some couples (Lum+Jaina for example, the first wants the game to be slow-paced and the second to finish it as soon as possible).
The 2v2 is maybe more fun with Shadow Expansion chips than with the first release for some reasons.

But 1v1v1v1 is by far the best IMO !


As someone who has primarily played PS as a 3-4 player game, I’m curious if anyone else has encountered the same problem I have: Whenever I have people play the Free-for-All mode, they more or less refuse to play it strategically and instead fall into cliched let’s-gank-the-strongest-player behaviors, even when it isn’t to their advantage. It just seems like the behaviors that are rewarded by standard FFA mechanics are hardwired into people such that even when I explicitly explain before the game begins how PS’ general strategy differs, they still play it like a normal FFA (targeting the strongest player at all times, refusing to help players who are at risk of going out, etc).

Does anyone else have this problem? Or do I just play with an unusual gaming group? :joy:

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I’m playing PS with real boardgamegeeks (two of them own a boardgame shop, one other is a tbt strategy video game level designer, etc.) and they still had to experience a couple of games to get to play PS FFA strategically ! Exact same feel as you !

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Thanks for your input guys. Too bad about the 2vs2 where some characters can be out of sync.


The game is still awesome, just pick the character you want and try it :slight_smile:

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I also prefer FFA, since it is a unique experience. The 2v2 doesn’t depart enough from the 1v1 game for me – so if I have more people, I’d rather do FFA, which is awesome.

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