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Tapatalk support

i’m not finding this forum in tapatalk dir, will it get supported in the future?

the mobile experience is really good

edit: sorry, didn’t actually respond to the question - I have no idea

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Yeah, Discourse doesn’t seem to have any sort of native smartphone app to my knowledge, but the mobile web version is in fact quite good as Juicer says.

Ha, I’ve never actuallly used Tapatalk, just because I never post on forums (I’m breaking a long-standing habit on this one). Every mobile site with the little “hey, we’re on Tapatalk, install the app” pop-up has made me hate the idea of Tapatalk. I just sort of assumed it would be terrible because I associate it with terrible mobile popups.

I agree that this site has a good mobile page.

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Well, yeah, the web forum is top notch, and more than serviceable even on a slow phone, so if i must do with it, no problem. Still tapatalk is faster and lighter than a full browser, and i can have all my forums in one place, so tapatalk support could still be a good thing.

The problem with “just put it on Tapatalk” is that that takes away from developer resources, time, and effort. Plus, it’s likely that certain requirements and conditions have to be met in order to be hosted on a catch-all app for forum posting and such. Does Discourse meet those needs? Or would additional effort have to be spent?