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Tactical Fantasy Strike: Mystic Deadman Plays XCOM 2 featuring the Fantasy Strike Universe

Hello members of the Sirlin Universe*! It's known to many of you that I play Yomi, and I play a particular character more often than others. BUT! Did you know that I play other games as well? All sorts of games are in my wheelhouse, so to speak. I play fighting games. Shooters. Platformers. RPGs. But, there's one type of game that I've tended to steer away from, simply because I've never particularly enjoyed the style.

Turn-based strategy.

Now, what does that have to do with anything, you might ask? Well, because a game I’ve wanted to play for a while comes to consoles in the US on September 27.

Assuming they keep everything that was in the PC release, one of the features I’m looking forward to the most is the Character Pool. Anybody you want to be in the game, be it someone you know or someone you’ve made up on the spot, can be inserted into the XCOM ranks.

Which is where this thread comes in.

In order to be able to create a roster that’s ready to go for XCOM 2, I’m now holding an open recruitment station. Do you have what it takes to help push ADVENT and the Elders off our world? Are you willing to risk it all to give me the opportunity to fling your body at aliens to slow them down?

Through the PS4’s Share capabilities, I plan on recording and uploading an LP of XCOM 2 featuring you! And you! And even you!

If you’d like to be a part of my playthrough, let me know here in this thread and shoot me a message with the details you’d like for me to include in your character design. If you’re interested, be sure to tell me a “real name” (a name that you’d like for me to use, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your real name), place of origin, “age” (same as real name) and anything you’d like to be included in your character’s bio.

Join the Resistance and Fight for Your World

*TM MDM Productions, SirlinGames 2016
(Not an actual trademark)


I won’t let you down! You can count on me!

Name: Juicer
Place of Origin: Switzerland
Age: 31


I can use “Juicer” as a nickname. Would it be okay if I were to throw your real name in, or is there a “name” you’d rather I use?

Sure! Go with Simon B.

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Polly ‘Plum’ Plumington, 30, British.

Happy to take whatever you have :slight_smile:


Devin K.N (full name is too awesome for mortal eyes) nickname can be some variation of shax

I’m a goofball that values brutal(and hopefully resource efficient) overkill at the expense of all else. Not sure how much that works for a bio but it hopefully gives you something to work with.


Just CWheezy for me, from Canada


Thanks for the replies! :astonished: Between here and, I’m up to 13 recruits!
Keep 'em coming, you guys! I’ll include as many as I can.

Also note that by not giving me anything for your character’s bio (read: backstory), you’re leaving it up to me. If you’ve read any of my fanfic work, that may or may not be a good thing!

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to count someone that approached me on Steam.


Nelson G “Ralf”, 21, Australian.

Ready to take the fight to the aliens! :grin:


Another soldier to fall through a roof!

Australian! Ayyy mah boi


Heads up!
XCOM 2 drops on consoles this week! Saturday, in fact, for digital!
I’m currently taking stock of my finances, but I should be able to get it digital and start making content for the series as early as Monday, with uploads coming that same day!

(I’m holding off until next week for minimal interruptions during recording. I’d rather not have my family bursting in and out of my room while I’m recording.)


Quick update:
PSN says the game won’t be playable until Monday night, so it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before we see anything.

Recording begins today! Uploading should begin either later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for their support and excitement!


please don’t die on the first mission please don’t die on the first mission please don’t die on the first mission…


I will bravely give up my life to defend Plum if it comes to it.


I accept your sacrifice! Please step into the Lifeforce Extraction Chamber and make yourself comfortable


That being said, due to reasons that I’ll explain once I make the video public, none of us are involved in the first mission. Once things get swinging, though, we’ll see where we stand in terms of survival.

Yes, I said us. What kind of leader commands his troops to do things if he’s not willing to do them himself?

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I’ll sign up for the meat grinder.

Lemm Ming "Oh No"
Age: Whatever the highest or the lowest age limit is, whichever seems more silly.
Country: Random
Character Design request - Green Hair, Blue Armor, Twitchy Attitude

Will add. Thanks!

As a note, it may be tomorrow before we actually start seeing episodes. The recordings for episodes 2 & 3 went swimmingly, but things happened in 4 that caused me to scrap the 2+ hours of recording I’d done and start over.

Because family’s home now, I’ll have to start recording again tomorrow.