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Maybe if you put face down card in the patrol zone it auto flip face up ?

Yes, that definitely happens. Same with the command zone.

@ap49 just sent u a friend invite on steam for some codex games

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Maybe I didn’t send u invite there are like 10ppl with that user name send me invite for online codex steam Id. Dizeaze


Do u have the premium access? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a couple of people with your username as well, but I think I was able to find which username was yours.

Send you a friend request.

are u ap49 and nothing else on steam too? if yes, sent u a friend request

Legion add me on steam Dizeaze pic of red guy stethoscope I added my name to be codex

ty, mate, i sent the invite to th wrong dizeaze lmao. now u should receive it.
PS: my steam name is legion, avatar is always of Talion

I’m shadow_night_black on steam (who would have guessed), if people want to add me (avatar is of Assassin from (S)MNC.

I’d like to try Tabletopia out and see how it does. Steam name is thatguy278 with the avatar with the eagle.

This looks like the place for feedback for Codex and TabletopTobia (TT).
So I will throw in my ‘2-cents’ here.

The UI and functionality mostly works well but there are some standout issues.
For example when you left click on an object (cards, token, ect) the result it that you pick up the object and move it around.
When you left click an object that is a stack or deck, you expect the same action but get different results.
Instead you pick up one item from the stack, and if you want to pick up the stack you have to double click.
They did not follow the UI design concept that a particular input (left click) should try to perform the same output in all cases.
Instead they created special case where there should not be one, and create confusion and frustration in new players while they learn that this is a special case and how to handle it.
Simple fix for this is to reverse the inputs and actions so a left click on a stack picks up the whole thing, while a double click picks out one.

The other pain point with the UI is that it is evident that what they are using to replace the mouse cursor and track mouse movements has a significant resource cost.
It was much more evident in the steam version which appears to be poorly optimized and when it is running poorly you see it through how bad it can be to get the mouse where you want.
In the web page implantation it is less noticeable but still evident if you look for it.
I understand the design principle of get it working first and optimize later, and it looks like it works enough now that it needs optimization.

The price is all sorts of okay.
The cost is low for what you get, but what you get is subjective and not hugely appealing either.
The boast of 350+ games amounts to less than ten that are of any interest.
But! Five dollars a month for easy online access to 3-8 good board games online is a good deal.
Personally I do not like the subscription model, I would rather be able to pick specific games and pay once for access to those.

There is one huge issue with the current subscription model and that is a lack of community.
For a specific game like codex I need to get lucky and have people online when I am free, or hunt down forums like this to get people.
TT does not appear to have a large active player base to support the 350+ games, and it looks more like a random cluster community around specific key games.

Conclusion is that TT is great for a prototype or demo but needs a lot of work.
Their proposed development timeline for 2017 is not what I want to see at this point.
Reputation and ranking, and visual affects and animations is less important than performance optimization and an automation API.
A flushed out API that would allow automated action in sequence would be a massive improvement to any game.

For now TT seems like a fine place to demo codex, but not a good long term option without more work and support.
I would love to see an alternative that is focused on just codex and making it a great experience for any player.


I think that’s the wrong way of thinking about it. Left-click always picks up one object. Personally I’d find it way more annoying to have to pick up a single card or token by double clicking, especially when teching from the 2 card stacks of the codex itself.


It is true that left click picks up one object.
The disconnect is that as a new player I see the deck or stack of tokens as one object.
My expectation is to for left click to pick up the object I see; the whole stack in this case.
Having a stack handled differently was not well communicated.

I happily acknowledge that this behavior does make it faster to pull single cards or tokens from a stack.
I expect that pulling a single out of a stack is the majority use case, and I can understand designing for that.

I should also be upfront that I see this as a small issue, but it stands out when the overall impression is mediocre.
I also have a background in enterprise software development, and would will have biases around UI based on that.

The challenge to make UI for games easy and intuitive is fascinating and I love the discussion.