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You don’t need either. There are databases online with all the cards, spreadsheets for making turns, and even some mock ups in free programs if you really need a visual board state.


Can you give me a quick primer on where to find and how to use such things? Maybe PM is more appropriate here, but maybe other people want to know as well?

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They’re all in the Collected Resources thread, stickied on this forum:


Can you direct me to such things? I couldn’t find them in the collected resources thread (which may be just because I didn’t know what I should be looking for.

The spreadsheet is a pinned thread in the Codex forum. Not hard to find.

The programs… are a bit harder. I don’t recall. I think they were on the old forums. I’ll track them down soon.

I would be interested to try out Codex at Tabletopia, anyone interested? Have the box at home but could not find someone to play last months :smile: (so i have never played codex in any fashion)

@katywings I have Bronze atm, but I can get Gold if you want.

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I wrote you a PM ;).

Fun stuff: AKA why TT is terribad.
Today i was showing a friend Codex online, hoping to have him try it at least on TT (so no take out stuff, put everything back hassle) and maybe play with my physical decks once we achieved the 3v3.
Too bad that TT disconnected both of us at least 3 times before i could even play my T1 hand.
Useless to say, he declined and we went for a walk…

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According to the TT Discord there’s a Codex Learn & Play Feb 28th at 7PM UTC, organized by one of the TT judges (Ayatsuru). Looks like there might be a bump in Codex players.

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I’ll be sure to get a signup thread open for the next async tournament today, then.

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Anyone up for some codex ?
Add me on steam. Same username

when u see me online on steam and wanna codex, send me a message via steam

Time zone difference is not nice to me with north america.

here is an example why TT interface needs a lot of work:
Me vs @MVashM we get dc a couple of times (is fine compared to the countless times, so that’s better), then anytime he would play a unit, it would appear to me as in his draw pile.
Then i build tech II, and cuz a glitch, Mavash does not see the chit, so i keep wondering why he does not tech II (i even ask him at some point “why no tech II?”), while he thinks i have not tech II and is stalling for abominations. This keeps until i build tech III, and only then the interface reveals my tech II built :confused:


Is anyone besides legion experiencing problems?

Yeah, I’ve had a couple of issues as well.

  • When I join someone else’s game, I’ll usually get disconnected about every half hour or so. So far I haven’t DC’d when I was the one who created the lobby/game.
  • I’ve definitely encountered the “invisible card” issue once or twice. Luckily neither time did it significantly affect the end result of the game. One of these times it did the same thing that Legion mentioned: my opponent had played something in patrol, but it appeared to me to be a face-up flickering card in his discard pile.
  • When putting a spec into your codex zone at the beginning of the game, sometimes the cards on the spec “tray” will flip out and fall under the spec tray, or just flop off the tray.

another TT issue i got is the following:
@MVashM plays imp. to truly rand discard, i make a pile of the cards in my hand (flipped face down), i shuffle and discard the first one. Too bad that even if i flip the card in my hand, TT will flip it back, making the opponent see what i just put down! So after this reval, i flipped dow the card (again) and finally made a pile.

Weird, I’ve never had Tabletopia turn a card face up if I’ve flipped it over in my hand. When I need to discard a card at random, I will flip all the cards in my hand face down, then drag them onto my player board, and my opponent just drags the one I should discard into my discard pile.

first time i had this issue too. All the other games i had before, all went smooth