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Tabletop Smash Brainstorm

I was thinking about a Tabletop Card/Board game that emulates dynamics of Smash and other platform fighting games. How would such a game work? Discuss

Well for starters there should be casual and competitive rulesets, I believe most people try to enjoy videogames.

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Sounds good, but I’m not there yet. I’m still thinking about questions like:
-Should it be double blind or turn by turn?
-How should positioning/movement work?
-Do players need a lot of moves or just a few carefully worked out ones?
-Should some form of blocking exist? Why or why not?
Separate casual and competitive rulesets is something that only comes after the game’s overall structure has solidified. I haven’t done that yet. I probably should have clarified that

Well I can’t help you out with all of that technical mumbo jumbo, but the least I can say is keep the punishments for losing at a bare minimum. Maybe an endless mode or co-op training mode.

I guess the main thing for Smash-style games is damage-based knockback, and working out the mechanics for edge plays: getting back on the stage and edge guarding. Even without adding vertical position, that could be the grounds for some interesting bluffing games. Maybe give motivation for those risky moves where you jump off the stage to knock someone further away, but risk not getting back yourself.

It depends really how much you want to simulate the platforming side. You could probably add damage-based knockback and edge play to a simple En Guarde / Flash Duel system for horizontal movement, see how it’s fun to play, then develop from there.