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[Survey] Planning & Recon for XCAFS22

Hey Codex Fam!

While we’re a little slow to complete CAMS22, fall equinox is right around the corner (I’m just now realizing this is a very global north centered season recognition schedule, apologies to our Aussie/African/SAmerican players)

What would we like to see for the fall tourney? Continued balance iterations? Some wacky format? Back to standard rules?

Also, anyone interested in organizing? I’m going to have a very busy mid of September to end of October, I can do the TOing but always welcome others who’d like to try it (or patience with me if I’m doing it slowly ^_^)

Drop your thoughts in the thread here, but let’s keep specific balance suggestions to another thread.

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I’m heavily in favor of keeping the current changes.
I’m open to trying out further balance changes.

As for the format itself: I’m in favor of letting the model decide the matchups.

As for organizing: I’d love to see someone else trying out the penalty algorithm, in this way it is more likely to spin thoughts about possible changes to the algorithm (thank you very very much frozen for your patience and added thoughts so far!). Maybe @charnel_mouse ?

I’m not sure whether I’ll have time to play, but I’m happy to run.

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I missed the last time there was a “model decides” tourney, so I’ll be happy to give it a try.

I also think that we should keep iterating on balance changes.

Not gonna volunteer to organize, since I too am gonna have a busy couple of months.

I will participate and think we should continue iterating the balance changes. I’ve been waiting to speak my mind until after the tourney is over.

If we want to accelerate with the buffs and balance work, I have a suggestion for a fun experimental tourney:

  • Everyone must have at least one hero in his deck, who we want to improve. Law or Bashing (or Desease? or blue starter?)
  • Everyone decides for 1 card of this faction a buff. This change applys for all players.
  • First each player chooses a buff, afterwards everyone announces the deck.
  • The change is autmatically valid, if it is not:
    – Obviously overpowerd (e.g. Iran man received swift strike and invisible)
    – Just focusing on a specific combination (e.g. Troq midband - all squirrel receives +2+2)
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This sounds fun. Another idea I’ve been bouncing around in my head would be to do a draft. Exactly how it would work would depend on # of players participating, but it would be designed to force people to try non-meta specs and be creative in a new way.

@charnel_mouse you down to run a model match tourney?

I’m fine with that!

Awesome, thanks @charnel_mouse !

Everybody: are further balance adjustments warranted? But please remember:

Just a heads-up: if we use the re-balanced specs in a model match tournament, I think those specs will be more likely to turn up in pairings, due to having higher uncertainty concerning their matchups. Good for testing, not so good for questionable matchups.

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@charnel_mouse friendly poke that it might be time for opening up a thread, if you still are available for running the tournament

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Ah, right, wasn’t sure about timings. I’ll put something together later.