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[Strategy] General strategy questions for Purple

Don’t forget “-and not lose the game within the next 6 turns before you’re able to clear the patrol from the tempo loss of spending two cards and four gold for no immediate effect.”


That’s called “not understanding Temporal Research”

Fair point, though then the trade-off becomes “spending 6 gold for no immediate effect”, and that’s if you’re not using another starter deck for perhaps a stronger early game.

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How often do forecast creatures really enable awesome comebacks due to their above average stat to cost ratio?

I never play them because I always want to affect the board now. I tend not to want to invest gold and cards on things that don’t help me currently, particularly something like KOTC that doesn’t even have haste.

The snowball may already be too big by the time these things hit.

Plasmodium played on Turn 1 can usually show up in time to do good work. It’s also worth accelerating with Seer / Time Spiral

Knight of the Conclave needs a very specific setup / conditions to be worthwhile, it’s not worth it to just toss it in your deck and Forecast it on turn 3 or 4. Generally not worth accelerating

Vir’s maxband is good value, and the Mech shows up in time to make a difference if you go for an early (T3 or 4) maxband. Especially good if accelerated.

Double Time will usually win you the game, if you can survive spending 6 gold on nothing. Worth accelerating.

Omegacron is usually accelerated out for a sudden lethal attack. Seer/Time Spiral is just redundant.

Reaver is generally too slow, even if accelerated out.


There was more discussion in this thread but…

Omegacrons are awesome and win games!

(Also in Mono-purple)

I’ve been considering this play: If on Turn 3 you have a hand with your two Tech 1 units (one being Stewardess of the Undone) and a completed Tech 1, to play both and bounce one of your own Tech 0 units back into hand to retain handsize? I know that removing an opponent’s Tech 0 can be strong but I’m curious to know what everyone feels about what is essentially upgrading a current in-play unit to a better unit without losing out on cards.

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Depends on the value you can achgievr by using the bounce aggressively. If you can get ahead on the board, probably best to do that instead.


It is unlikely to be a good trade on gold, even if it saves a card. However, if a tech 0 unit survives killing an opposing unit, you could bounce it to clear the damage. Stewardess is barely an upgrade over Fading Argonaut or Neo Plexus, and still costs an extra gold too.


Assuming that your playing the purple starter, not very much, your paying 3 gold to “upgrade” a tech 0 unit, but purple’s tech 0’s are very strong (Fading Argo, 3 gold to remove fading, NeoPlexus, 3 gold to give +1 health, Nullcraft, -flying and -can’t be (de)buffed for +1attack +2 health). Your probably better of saving it for building your tech 2, as that will give you far greater gains (all of purple’s tech 2 options are very powerful, and very gold hungry, esp Present). If however you have a 1/1 in play from another spec (Skele Jav with no rune, Haunt, Smoker, Mad Man are the best ones I can think of) then it might be a better deal, but still probs not work considering.


Fair enough.

In the game that I was playing, I drew into SotU and Argonaut with a Fading Argonaut already on the board. I would have played my Stewardess, bounce Fading Argonaut back into hand, to then play Argonaut, so from that perspective, it was as if Fading Argonaut was being upgraded to a proper Argonaut.

But I can see how it might not be worth the gold.

You are low on hand(or will be after your turn)
Your tech 0 can deal some meaningful damage and live
Your opponent doesn’t have any valuable targets

Then it might be worth it. However board control is so strong in this game that this would be a rare edgecase.


Probably won’t be worth it 99% of the time.

One gold plus or minus can make a big difference and you are talking about essentially wasting 3 gold willingly.

It seems really hard to gain an advantage that way.

I really like my discard 3s, but I think gold is the main resource in this game to be conserved almost all the time.

Going down a card could maybe be worth 2g, but probably closer to 1.5 most of the time. Or put another way, not going down on a card could maybe be worth spending 2g. But on T3 it is probably a tough sell.

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It’s not wasting 3 gold, stewardess is not a spell so you at least get a body from it. This is simply an in optimal usage of the stewardess’s ability that could maybe be good under very constrained circumstances(the ones i listed above) that generally will never happen.

Closer to wasting 1 gold most of the time.


Don’t forget about Messenger/Tenderfoot from Neutral!

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I was assuming you would play the Argonaut anyway, as it is strictly better then the stewardess if you can’t bounce anything the opponent has, so if your concerned about cards, the Argonaut in my eyes is only being upgraded to the stewardess, as that is the difference in board state with that play.

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If you can’t bounce an opponents unit with your stewardess, don’t bounce anything and put the thing you would’ve bounced in technician.


Sometimes right before I play my first tech2 I bounce and worker my hardened mox.


If the tech 0 is actually 100% useless (exhausted FA with 1 rune, sometging hit with Entangling vines), then bouncing it turns Stw into a 3 cost 2/3 draw a card. Which is fairly weak, and your gold is probably better spent leveling or playing a Hero (or saving it for a tech 2).

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