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[Strategy] General strategy questions for Purple

Hey! I thought we might want just a general strategy thread for each of the colors, so unless others makes for the other colors I might end up making some whenever I feel like I have some questions about other colors. For now, I don’t have any for the others, but I wanted to ask some about the Vrotoss Conclave.

(Removed some text that was just me misreading some rules)

I know @Bomber678 has used Knight of the Conclave before in his PBP matches, so maybe some feedback from him would be fun as well?

Other than that, feel free to use this as just general strategy talk about purple.

Unfortunately, Forecast doesn’t really work with Temporal Distortion. Forecast is worded such that if it comes into play from anywhere (including your Codex or hand,) it goes to the future first, so your Knight of the Conclave waits to get into play.


You can’t TD Shimmer Ray into Knight of the Conclave anyway, right? Because Shimmer Ray is Tech II and KotC is Tech I. I think generally TD is best used to get extra value out of units with Haste or which otherwise have strong (or crucial) effects on the boardstate. Hence why it’s often used to pull of shenanigans with Hyperion and Tricycloid.

I’m not exactly sure what the role of KotC is in mono-purple. Maybe it’s really good for Protoss-style timing push, where you go low hand and recover using Temporal Research or with Hero pressure? I don’t know. I haven’t played many Purple games. @Fry have you had any experience with KotC?

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I usually lean on Stewardess and Argonaut for the early game. But I think there’s definitely a possibility for a timing attack where you bring in two Knight of the Conclave, and fire off a Rewind the turn before they show up, possibly with help from Undo, Origin Story, and/or Seer. Notably, if you have Battle Suits active, a Knight can knock out a tech building in a single hit.


No, knight of the conclave are usually bad outside of specific time rune based strategies involving seers.
Even then stewardess plus glaxx is still usually better (admittedly more expensive).

I use kotc as a gimmick because I use future for assimilate and draw fixing, and kotc just happens to fit in with my general game plan with the deck. I only ever tech in one and only if I think I have to time to spare without getting pressured to death.


Imho to get real value out of TD u need a tech lab past+ second chances.
You can attack with 3 hyperions in a singe turn, fire off with 3 tricycloids or any possible combination of 3 tech II units.
I remember that Grifin made an ususeful thread on the old forum “Let’s talk about purple”. Someon knows if it ca be salvaged?

The problem with Future is that it is very dependant of Purple and Past cards, because it doesn’t have by itself cards to remove time runes.

It was my understanding that TD’s “or less” clause referred both to the cost and to the tech level, meaning it can be same or less cost, and same or less tech level. But it’s definitely ambiguous as written, and I couldn’t find anything in the rulings clarifying.

Really important question @mysticjuicer (@sharpobject): Can you Temporal Distortion Shimmer Ray into Knight of the Conclave (or any other lower tech unit that also has equal or lower cost)?

(I assume Sirlin wrote it that way to save space. If he’d meant the “or less” clause to only refer to cost, I assume he would have written it unambiguously as: “If you do, you may put a unit of the same cost or less and the same tech level from your codex into play.”)

You can search the rules question thread for “Temporal Distortion” and get the official answer

@sharpobject please add this clarification to

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Thanks, EricF.

It took me a while (I don’t find the search intuitive, esp. on tablet, but I found it in the Rules Thread). I assume either Barrelfish, AaronD, or Jadiel are qualified to give official answers? Theirs were the only responses I saw.

Imho is not abiguous at all:
you may put a unit of the same tech level and the same cost or less from your codex into play.
Clearly says that te tech of the 2 units must be the same, while the cost can be equal or lesser.

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My programmer brain tell me the AND is prioritized over the OR. So it is like: (same tech and same cost) or less.

My chemist brain tells me that since they spared no words in codex, if u were right it would have been worded like this: you may put a unit of the same tech level or less and the same cost or less from your codex into play.
just my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nice to have @Sirlin or @sharpobject to give a definitive answer.

I misread it, so it has to be only the tech level you are bouncing, or else it also allows for tech 1 to bounce and get a tech 2 thing out. Which it can’t

Several languages vary the binding priority of And vs Or and sometimes the implicit preference depends on the parsing strategy. For example, in recursive descent parsing you get the correct (same tech lvl) and (same cost or less) by default. :wink:


So I was playing some more purple yesterday, and was able to turn the tide against a Anarchy/Blood/Dicipline player. It was good fun coming back from 4 hp on my base.

Having 3/4’s in SQL is pretty neat! Quite different from my blue experience.

Anyways, one of the cards that made me come back was Temporal Research giving me new cards, and being able to use Vir Garbareans ability to exchange a card from hand with the top card on my deck, getting out some Shimmer Rays to block lightning wings attacking me. Felt good.

But it had me thinking, Temporal Research is a pretty sweet card in general. Whenever I play purple, I end up playing in a way that makes me very Card hungry, and this card can easily get 2 draws, if you just play it with the Pastasnack hero. It also synergizes a lot with Future in general, since you could have Pastasnack out and two Knights of the Conclave, then you have a 2 gold draw 3 cards combo that don’t really looses you any tempo either.

Purple is very fun! :smiley:


You misspelled Gummybearean there


and of course there is the Present hero Maxwell House


and the Past hero is Princess Palutena

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