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Steam Version: Forgot password

Hey. I was directed here from Steam so hoping it’s the right place. I purchased the Steam version some time ago, and created an account at the time. Just recently, I’ve bought the iOS version, and I’d like to login with my account but I’ve forgotten the password I used back then. I don’t see any forgot password links either in the app itself or related websites.

So I was wondering, is there any way to reset my password so I can use the same account on both Steam and iOS?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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@Sirlin @Leontes or possibly @Thelo ? I think you guys might now the answer?

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I’ve PMed you with the details.


Thanks, all sorted now :smiley:


Hi everyone,
same problem here.
I don’t remember if STEAM version asked me for a password or simply log me in with my steam account, since my YOMI username is the same as my Steam username…
Till now I created a new account on IOS…
I guess that with web version it was possible to join two accounts, but this option seems not available neither in Steam version, nor in IOS.

Any suggestion will be very appreciate

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Hi everyone,
I managed to found a solution.
Thanks to an answer in steamcommunity by @neigutten (GGB.nei), I could reach the older fantasy strike game website (, simply using edge as browser, (not chrome).
So I could log in with my IOS account (MR75) and then associate it with my steam account.
Note: steam account information required for associate is steam account name and password. Steam account name is not that one shown in Yomi game or in steam profile, but the real steam account name (in my case they are different): after steam association, web log in changed automatically to steam user profile name (in my case MR).
Then I tried to merge with my IOS account (MR75) and (after a little browser thinking… :sleeping:) I got two message: fist one that all went good :+1:, but after a little another one that an error occurred because action could only be performed by POST (I don’t know what it means).
However it seems that all went good: I play yomi by steam, and my two accounts are merged in MR (steam), since I got victories vs yomibot increased and ex char unlocked. Moreover MR75 does no longer exist in leaderboards.
Hope this help

Thanks everyone