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Steam version: changing steam account name

Any ideas about what happens if I change my steam account name?
does it reflect also in yomi steam account? (I don’t remember if I had to make a yomi account or steam account was used by default)
my current yomi account will be lost or will be updated witn new name?
thx everyone!


If you change your steam account name it will also change your name in Yomi, yes. Your stats and characters will be the same, just your name will be different.

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Is it possible to change back? I’m asking because my Yomi username is shown as Hobusu (2) because of a bug when I merged it with my account on the old forums, and I’m hoping that changing to a different Steam username and back would fix that.

Likely not. You’ll need @Thelo to help you out with that.


ok. thanks!

And so, what happens if i choose an already used name? i.e. if I change my steam account username to my IOS yomi account username?
I’ll try to better explain.
My actual steam account in “MR”, so my yomi account. I had to create an other account in IOS (“MR75”): if i choose MR75 for steam, what happens? maybe my yomi steam user will become MR75 (2) or what?

thanks everyone!

Probably it will give you the (2) after your name. If you want to merge your IOS and Steam accounts, you might be able to. @Thelo

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Thanks, I’ll try ask him

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Help! something has gone wrong with my account. Was thinking about playing again and relearning the game but my account has that bothersome (2) after the name again. Even more troubling the expansion characters have been removed from my account for some reason. @Thelo can you assist?

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I’ve just sent a private message to unravel this.