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Steam Awards 2019

I nominated Fantasy Strike for this year’s Steam Awards, category “Game of the Year”. Of course I also named my favourite game Yomi in the category “Indefectible Love” too !
Here is the link to nominate games :

Please vote if you’ve a Steam Account, even if you don’t own Fantasy Strike on Steam ! This jewel definitely needs more visibility. And Quince !


Yomi is an evergreen game, but it’s complete and finished. It’s not really true to say that it’s receiving ongoing support and development, is it?

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I didn’t pledge for the Patreon but heard of some tabletop updates, IDK :confused:

As far as I know, Yomi is done. I could definitely be proven wrong though.

Tabletop updates on Patreon do not include anything related to Yomi so far, and there have been no indications that there will be ones related to Yomi in the future.

Based on comments Sirlin has made both in public channels and the patrons-only channel on Discord, I would expect a new Yomi-like game being released Some Day™ to be more likely than updates to Yomi itself, if only because of how much backlash Sirlin’s gotten over the years for releasing new editions of his tabletop games.

Also while I’m posting here, I should note that most of the Fantasy Strike community on Discord has agreed to nominate Fantasy Strike for “Most Innovative” instead of “Game of the Year,” so I’d encourage people to go with that instead so the votes are united and because Game of the Year is a category where an indie game that’s struggling to get the recognition it deserves would be very unlikely to win.


good idea, I switched on most innovative too :slight_smile:
I love in-game videos and visible active frame advantages
and yomi counter <3


I’m also very okay with nominating for “most innovative,” especially since something like Baba Is You is all but guaranteed to win best overall.