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Stately Play has a tournament forum here. I have lurked there for a short amount of time. They seem to have a fairly active scene playing IOS board/card games. Does anyone have an account there? Do you know if some of the people would be interested in Yomi?

I think the next time we have a tournament I will create a forum account to recruit some newer players. I really would like to have at least 32 players in the active competitive scene. With a little effort, we should be able to keep this thing going.


Ooh, that’s exciting! It would be super cool if there are people there who’d be interested in playing Yomi! :slight_smile:


It would be eapecially nifty if we could hook one of the site authors and get a review out of it.

This site seems to have some relationship with At least two editors moved from there to Stately Play. Yomi was reviewed back in 2014 here. I doubt they would be interested in running a review of a four year old game. You could try it. It never hurts to ask.


Kelsey Rinella who currently works for Stately Play did the review of Yomi at pockettactics. I remember that the tournament part of the forums at pockettactics slowed down around the same time Stately Play showed up. I think there was a migration. I used to follow the IOS board gaming scene pretty closely before Yomi dominated my gaming time.