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Stacking Jaina's Unstable Power

Say I play 2 or more Unstable Powers during my draw phase: are they all in effect and do their effects stack?

E.g. I play 2 Unstable Powers, and play my 2-Attack. Opponent plays a faster attack. I choose to flip it around to 2-Dodge. Opponent plays bluff card. I play some throw. Bluff card is revealed to be a Joker.

Do I:

  • Get to draw up to 4 Aces?
  • Take 0 damage (since I hit successfully but dealt no damage)?

That all sounds correct to me. Pretty risky, though!


Yes and yes.

Hits count, whether they do damage or not. Even if you’re Blue-Bursted, as long as you land a hit on an UP turn, you get to draw your aces and take no damage.

Although, you probably wouldn’t want to play more than 2 UPs in a single turn, since you only have 4 aces to draw at any given time.


UP stacks up, so 2 UPs means 4 As (all of them).
PLease note that UP requires hitting, not winning combat/dealing dmg.
So if you play 3 agains troq’s K you lose combat, yet you hit, so u get only the 15 dmgs from the throw, not the 7 for UP, and you can fetch the 2 aces.
Same for zane’s K etc.
Also Joker prevents dmg, not the hit to be sucesful, that is why it keeps giving you aces


Thanks folks!

So everything stacks, right, including the 7 damage penalty, so 14 damage if 2 UPs?

Yes, it all stacks. That’s why I said it’s risky – the payout if you win is all four aces, but the potential downside is losing 16% of your max life on a character who uses life as a currency to buy back attacks (not including any damage your opponent does that turn). Also, as others have pointed out, there’s never a reason to play more than two copies of Unstable Power in a turn, since you can’t get more than four aces.

My good friend Ryker, expert yomi player and professed Jaina pro, usually used unstable power for the mix-up specifically, or as a super fast throw.
If he specifically needed aces, he was more likely to power up.
So based on that, I imagine he would recommend against playing more than one in a turn.

That’s just one perspective though.

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