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Sparring Partner

With the new tourney coming up, and having went and missed out on years of Yomi history, I’m looking for a semi-regular sparring partner to practice with. Hoping to have focused sessions with discussions on mistakes and how to improve after. There’s no commitment besides being practice-focused - I’m very flexible. Looking forward to getting better at Yomi together!


ArthurWynne has very graciously took up the offer!


Aw, I’m glad that you will be training together! It helps a lot to have a practice partner! ^^

With that being said, is there anyone else who is looking to spar? I’d like to get some extra practice in during IYL! I’m in the CST timezone and I’m pretty flexible, but mid-afternoons/mid-evenings would be work extra well for me during the week (from like 4 to 7 PM)! During the weekend I can play at a wider range of times! I especially want to talk through the games afterwards to figure out how I can improve and how to help others do the same! Let me know if you’re interested! Thanks for the idea, feathers! :smiley_cat:


Hey there, I’d love some regular sparring with commentary and some analysis. I’m in EST, but have some similar availability during the week. Weekends can be iffy but sometimes work too.
Maybe shoot me a direct message if someone hasn’t already taken you up on the offer/you’re open for more?


@variable @Gingivitusks

I’d also be interested in some practice, if you want another option! @feathers as well, if you’re interested.

I’m on Pacific time, but my schedule is pretty flexible.


I’m interested in practicing periodically. 12-1pm EST works best for me.


A partner to practice with would definitely be nice. If anyone would want to spar with me, I would be available after 4pm EST pretty much every day and usually earlier on weekends. It’s okay if no one is available, just asking

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