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Saturday Morning Yomi episode 3 [tournament]

So I’m going to try and bring back my series of quick single day Yomi tournaments (because single day Yomi is best Yomi).

Date: 12/09/17
Time: 9am PST (GMT -8)

This is some what short notice so if people aren’t able to attend I’ll probably just wait until after Christmas and the New Year befor trying the next one.

Here’s the format:
Single elimination
Fast Timer

Double KO counts as a win for both players. If this would result in both players getting their second win then the player that has the least amount of negative HP wins the set (Example Grave at 1hp vs Setsuki at 8hp a Q clash would result in a Grave win). If both fighters have the same amount of negative HP then the player that started with the lower amount of HP wins the game. If it’s still tied then use alphabetical order to break the tie (the selected characters name, not yours). If it’s still tied after that then play another game (blind pick)

Blind pick for first round standard counter pick after that (loser may switch, winner must stay the same). If a double KO happens and the set still isn’t over then do another blind pick for the final round.

If both players want hands on then hands can be turned on. If either player wants chat turned off then chat must be turned off.

If I don’t have at least 8 people signed up by Friday I’ll cancel the tournament and reschedule for another day.

Who’s in?


Possibly playing

If you get eliminated from the tournament I’d encourage you to hang out and hit quick match for a bit so more Yomi can be played.

I’ve been told you can’t copy and paste in the game chat so the challonge link will be posted in this thread.


I might play, but single day yomi is most certainly not the best yomi. Every day yomi is the best yomi.


I would like to play.

Sign me up, please. Sounds fun!

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(I’m in, and I will never stop complaining about how bad this forum software is)


I will play in this.

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With the lack of sign ups I’m going to have to cancel this event. Will try again in January (probably shot for the third Saturday).

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Just show up anyway maybe something good will happen.


Sure, I’ll play.

…Oh. This was cancelled. Whoops.

Wish i could damn work :disappointed:
Always suck when there a lack of sign up