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Saturday Morning Yomi episode 3 take 2 [tournament]

Going to try my fast tournament format again.

Date: 01/20/18
Time: 9am PST (GMT -8)

Here’s the format:
Single elimination
Fast Timer

Double KO counts as a win for both players. If this would result in both players getting their second win then the player that has the least amount of negative HP wins the set (Example Grave at 1hp vs Setsuki at 8hp a Q clash would result in a Grave win). If both fighters have the same amount of negative HP then the player that started with the lower amount of HP wins the game. If it’s still tied then use alphabetical order to break the tie (the selected characters name, not yours). If it’s still tied after that then play another game (blind pick)

Blind pick for first round standard counter pick after that (loser may switch, winner must stay the same). If a double KO happens and the set still isn’t over then do another blind pick for the final round.
If both players want hands on then hands can be turned on. If either player wants chat turned off then chat must be turned off.

This time the tournament will happen no matter how many sign up. Let’s just play some competitive Yomi.

Who’s in?

If you get eliminated from the tournament I’d encourage you to hang out and hit quick match for a bit so more Yomi can be played.

I’ve been told you can’t copy and paste in the game chat so the challonge link will be posted in this thread.


I should be available to play!

Interested, but i won’t know for sure til it’s pretty close

Travelling this weekend! :frowning:

I’d be interested if it were earlier in the morning, but that would make it ridiculously early for those of you on the West Coast. :frowning:

How early are you talking? If there was interest in an earlier time I could host the next one an hour earlier.

I should be able to make this, if I remember

I will try, but no promises.

The earlier, the better (I’m usually just putzing around the house from 7-11am EST). I suppose I could participate if it were bumped up even an hour earlier. I am unavailable that afternoon, but given the format, it seems like it will be a pretty short tournament (and I’m likely to lose early :slight_smile: )

Totally in.

Just wanted to point out to those that understandably didn’t read the OP that the one difference in this tournament from the last one, besides the date, is this tournament will take place regardless of how many people show up.

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I hope to get to this, but can’t say for certain until the day.


Now we need complete sentences too?

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My bad, forgot that I had plans this weekend!

update: I cannot make this because I was looking at the wrong weekend in my calendar

I assume this means that the earlier letter in alphabetical order wins? i.e. BBB beats Grave (if both hit each other with 8-damage Jacks while at the same health and double KO)?

The alphabetical tie breaker is the third breaker so should come up hopefully never. In this case BBB would win because he started with less HP. But yes Higher up the alphabet is better. For example Midori and Quince clash AA, they both have one win (because this is the only time the tie breaker matters), and both end up at the same negative HP, Midori would win the set because earlier in alphabet.

Why did you do an edit that broke your quote when it wasn’t broken originally?

Whoops. I’m sick atm so my heads a little fuzzy. I thought I misstated something in the quoted post but when I realized I hadn’t I undid the edit. Must have slipped in a letter without realizing it. It’s fixed now, thanks.

I’m sick too. I think everyone is. Ugh.