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San Diego players

I’m a casual player who’ve only played kitchen table games with my brother-in-law. I really enjoyed the game and want to find other players as he is no longer in town. Just joined this forum to see if there are any local meetups in San Diego area. Nearest place to me is At Ease Games although I’ve only been there a couple times and don’t know anyone.


@Leontes .

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Sorry for the late response to this; I actually live in San Diego!

There’s no local meetups or anything but sometimes we get together for some Yomi in LA. I haven’t played Codex in a while so I might be awful/behind the meta but I’d be down to play sometime.

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@Leontes No worries, glad to meet a San Diego player! I actually found an opponent thru play-by-forum and am currently playing games with @James who is also new to the forum. Really enjoying this play-by match.

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