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[S E N D H E L P] Beating Challenge #6: Ups and Downs

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! This freaking puzzle!

So this is what I’ve got so far…

#Start with 5 gems in the pile and…
Three Colours
Bang then Fizzle
Option Select
It’s Combo Time
Safe Keeping

  1. In order to get down to 4 gems, first need to ‘Safe Keeping’ a gem into the bag (one black arrow remains)
  2. Then we can ‘Bang then Fizzle’ (two black arrows remain)
  3. We draw a :ps1gem: and ‘Crash Gem’
  4. The :ps1gem: allows us to play ‘It’s Combo Time’ (two black arrows remain)
  5. We draw ‘Combine’, :ps3gem:, :ps2gem: , and ‘Creative Thoughts’
  6. In order to get the gem pile high enough to play ‘Combinatorics’, I need to ‘Option Select’ into ‘Risky Move’, so I do that, putting the :ps3gem: into the pile (one black arrow remains)
  7. Play ‘Combinatorics’ (one neutral arrow remains)
  8. Play ‘Creative Thoughts’ to gain a black arrow and draw a chip - the draw always gets a :ps1gem: so it’s equivalent (?) to the +1$ option, but gets us further into our bag (one black arrow remains)
  9. Play ‘Combine’, combining twice, getting a :ps4gem: and a :ps2gem: (one black arrow remains)

#At this point

  • I have ‘Three Colours’, a ‘Crash Gem’, and $3 worth of gems in hand
  • I have a :pspig:, $1, and one black arrow in my action phase
  • The draw order of the next turn is: ‘Option Select’, :ps1gem:, ‘Option Select’, ‘Bang then Fizzle’, [whatever chip I buy], ‘Chromatic Orb’, ‘Crash Gem’…
  • I am stuck.

I’m pretty sure Three Colours is worthless, because the only blue chip in the bank doesn’t do anything, and there are no red chips at all. I’m pretty sure crashing the :ps4gem: on turn 1 is not the correct play, and that I should stash it.

‘Option Select’ will allow me to combine x2 because of ‘Combinatorics’ ongoing ability, so I get another :ps4gem: that way. The issue I’m running into is that I don’t have enough black/purple arrows to play 2 ‘Crash Gems’. I think the solution is to Crash twice, getting down to 3 gems in the pile, then have ‘Bang then Fizzle’ get me the fuel I need to keep doing stuff… but I don’t see how I can possibly get enough arrows to do that out of the turn 2 draw.

I don’t want the whole solution spelled out for me, but if someone could point out the 1st error I’m making in my thinking that’d be much appreciated


I’m stuck on this one as well. Watching this closely for hints!

Your analysis up to the buy looks good, although making 3+3 instead of 4+2 on step 9 also works. There is indeed a winning line that involves doing all that and then pigging the crash.

I suggest thinking more about this part of your post. There’s a subtle flaw in the logic you use to conclude you can’t win with that hand:

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Thanks Bucky! I’m glad I’ve at least got the Turn 1 sequence down. Now to think about the buy and Turn 2.

Hmm. Can you use ‘Option Select’ to counter-crash on your opponent’s turn?

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I did it!

A further clue for those struggling

Don’t use the :pspig: and buy two chips on Turn 1

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Finally got it too! Although, I’m not sure about your hint, @mysticjuicer

[details=Spoilers]Bucky implied that the draw will be the same regardless of whether you pig the crash gem or not, and I just tested and found that I was able to use the same solution either way. Also,
I never needed the second chip I bought (and never drew it), so I tested whether buying only one chip made a difference and it didn’t. With that in mind,
a rephrasing of that hint might be “don’t buy a chip that costs $4.”

Still, it probably would have taken me longer to find the solution without your hint, so I guess it works…? Thanks!

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Oh, Interesting! I ended up buying both a ‘Combine’ and a ‘Risky Move’, which is only possible if you crash the 2-gem from your pile during your turn. How did you end up winning?

Full Solution Inside

Bought Gem Essence, used Option Select to counter-crash with a 1-gem (!) and let the rest through. The other Option Select was used to Combine right away, then Gem Essence gave me the arrows to play Chromatic Orb and a Crash Gem, at which point Bang then Fizzle let me get and play one more Crash Gem. My pile is empty, his is full after ante.

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Interesting! Huh. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

Solution meta-talk:

There is a lot of flexibility with the buy because buying A and option selecting B is roughly equivalent to the other way around. It matters if you run out of colored arrows, but Bang then Fizzle and Combine are fine enough washers.


I did notice that as I wrote my solution,
but that’s the order that I used the first time I figured it out. In a real game swapping which I bought and which I option-selected would probably be better.