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Yeah, only add-ons can be intentionally sacrificed at will (not even tech buildings), and the reason for that is simply that add-ons are the only things in the game that are completely mutually exclusive, so unlike everything else there’s a strong reason to need to get rid of what you already have: so it can be replaced with something else that’s a better fit for your situation but couldn’t be used with your existing add-on in place.

Do Marauder and Hooded Executioner trigger their boost effects on play, or on arrival?

There’s no “Arrives:” prefix to their effect clause, and with no prefix the usual rule would be that it’s an ongoing effect, which is clearly not right here. The boost text doesn’t mention when the boost effect should trigger “by default”, it just says you pay at play time; the boosted spells have an explicit part of their effect resolution when the boost effect is handled.

This matters for playing either unit against Jail.

(Also, the Codex card database has different text for Marauder on the card image and the page.)

If an opponent has Jail and you play a unit with a boost, you CAN pay for and use the boost. You do that immediately as you play the unit from your hand, then the boost effect happens and your unit goes to Jail. When it leaves Jail and arrives in play, you do not have a chance to pay for or use the boost a second time. — Sirlin, 03/11/16


What if I destroy my own tech building (a bunch of damage dealing spells should be able to do that) - am I allowed to rebuild it during the same turn?

Only if you’ve activated a Verdant Tree.

So you have to wait until the end of your next turn?

And to prevent a possible misunderstanding: I was not talking about instant rebuilding but about the standard “the building process takes until end of the turn in which you start the building process”

Sorry, I had a brain fart. For some reason, I got the rule about waiting to resummon a hero mixed up with tech building construction.

Provided you meet the prerequisites, you can start building a replacement in the same turn you destroyed your tech building.

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I take it “no” is consensus here?
(Doesn’t really make sense in my eyes, but I’m willing to “obey”)

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I think “less” must refer to cost only, in this case. When comparing costs, one is “less” or “more” than the other; when comparing tech levels, one is “higher” or “lower” than the other. For example, Circle of Life allows you to replace a card with one that’s “one tech higher”, not “one tech more”. If the second interpretation was intended, it would be “a unit of the same tech level or lower and the same cost or less”.

This argument seems pretty solid to me, and even were that not the case, I’d still reach the same conclusion, because applying “or less” to a compound phrase containing 2 distinct values when (as far as I’m aware) it’s generally only used on single values doesn’t make sense to me.

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Question on a couple of green spells. Behind the Ferns will let my 2 attack unit have stealth for attack. While attacking, can I cast Dinosize to add 6, making it an 8 attack stealth that turn?

No, you can’t interrupt actions to take other actions. When you declare an attack, you must completely resolve it before you can cast a spell.

If I use assimilate (Future spell) to take control of graveyard (black starter), do I get the units that my opponent has in the graveyard?

So I still need to meet the tech requirements, which would basically only give me their tech 1 units. Thank you.

(previously said)
If Max Geiger (Present Hero) trashes and returns to play a unit that was originally forecast, does it come back as “Now” (what I expect), or as “Forecast” (???)

(EDIT: found this answered in this thread by Charnel_mouse, but it’s not in the ruling spreadsheet.)

(new, followup to the reply-to indicated post)
Ugh. So I’m not the only one to mis-read this.

So Present’s gate tech still brings forecast units into the future as well then.

EDIT: Ok, reading some of the other responses to other questions here, regarding forecasted units as not in play yet:

What are they immune to?
Things like sac the weak, destroy all tier 0, 1, 2 units, destroy all your units except for demons, etc – all of these are “I ignore you”, right? Any sort of destroy enemy unit, board wipe, etc. Not targetable by any targeting spell.

All this is correct?

EDIT2: Does Second Chances also send it to the future?

The future zone, and “forecast”, are not well defined:
Starts off in the future, not in play. Put X time runes on
this and remove one each upkeep. When you remove
the last, it arrives.

that’s all it says.

Oh, the GENERAL page in the ruling spreadsheet:

When it would come into play from something other than forecast, instead it goes to the “future” zone and gets time runes.

Grumble, so I’ve misunderstood purple badly.
Ok. Live and learn.

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Can Stewardess of the Undone bounce a still-forecasted Plasmodium? Or does it have to be “in play” before it can be removed?

No a forecasted unit is not in play and nothing can target it. The only cards interacting with such a thing is tinkerer or time spiral and the likes that interact with things with time runes on it that specifically state that forecasted cards are also of consideration.

Welp … Ok then. Slightly different plan in P vs P.

Ordering sequence: If a technician dies, and you need to reshuffle (empty deck), does the technician go to the fresh (now empty) discard pile? Or is the technician shuffled into the draw pile?

EDIT: Also:

Address this very thing, but does not actually give an ordering answer.

I believe this has been answered in the thread a few times, but the answer is that the Technican goes into the discard first, and is thus reshuffled. Note that, in the section you quoted, the discard would not be empty before discarding if the Technician didn’t get shuffled in.