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Once played, do upgrades last forever?

Yes, unless they are destroyed/trashed by another effect

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Like I said, Brave Knight doesn’t “die” because the word “instead” was used. Compare the text to Reteller of Truths.


Oh. I got that completely wrong then. Thanks!

I just checked the Codex ruling, and saw that :

This example is kinda bad because Justice Juggernaut can’t patrol. What about changing this example with an Insurance Rune one ?
Does a mirrored Justice Juggernaut has “2 lives” too, even when targeted ? I think that it would but I’m not 100% sure

The only thing about a copied mirror unit that is different from the base unit is it has no attachments or runes that the original has, and is also an illusion in addition to anything else. It is possible to copy a justice juggernaut that has a crumbling rune onto a mirror, and the mirror juggernaut won’t have a crumbling rune.

The two lives example would be better explained with Rook, I agree, but the principle of the example is still valid.


Hey! I just bought the deluxe set and the rules seem a bit unclear about how to select you’re starting 10 cards. For instance if we are playing bashing vs finesse, there are actually 20 starting cards to choose from. Does each player get 1 of each or do we get 5 pairs of cards? What about when playing the 3 player mode and we pick a neutral hero. Do we get to arbitrarily choose which 10 we want?

You get 1 of each. It’s literally just two sets of the 10 card neutral starting deck. To play with 3 players, you will need a third starter deck (possibly not a Neutral one).

Sorry I meant the 3 hero mode, not 3 players

There are 7 different starting decks (6 colors + neutral). You most likely own 2 copies of the neutral deck.

In 1vs1 mode, you use the starter deck that corresponds to the color of your hero.

In 3vs3, you use the starter deck that corresponds to any one of your heroes.


The starting deck is always 10 unique cards of a specific color corresponding to a hero that you are using. The heroes you choose determine all the cards that are in your codex. A Law hero means you use every card that has Law at the bottom of the card (2 copies of each).


You just got tripped up because you get two copies of the starter deck so you can play bashing vs finesse. It’s ten unique cards for each player.
All the other starter decks are unique, and all the cards either say the colour on the bottom, as opposed to a specific spec (which would belong to a hero’s codex instead).


any amendments to @EricF 's explanation of how star changes interact? If not I will edit it into the FAQ above

I’m pretty sure the answer to this question is “yes” but if a unit trades with maxband Orpal, does his maxband trigger? I’m assuming “yes” because both units die at the same time.

I believe the answer is yes, for the same reason that Captured Bugblatter’s ability triggers on its own death.

I know this has been covered before but I’ve yet to find a comprehensive definition of “dies” that covers all cases. The rulebook says:

Dies: Do X When this is put into your discard pile from play, do X.

However, I don’t think this is accurate. As far as I’m aware, Tokens and Heroes can still die even though they do not go to your discard and with Graveyard in play, non-token units still die even though they do not go to your discard either.

My belief is the following:

Any time a card has its remaining health reduced to 0, is destroyed, is sacrificed, explicitly “dies”, or is otherwise removed from play that card will count as “dying” if the following two items are true:

  1. Were there no other cards in play and the card were a non-token unit, it would go to your discard pile.
  2. No other cards in play prevent it from going to your discard pile through the use of the word “instead”.

As far as I’m aware, this covers non-token units, tokens, heroes, Graveyard, and Brave Knight. Am I accurate in my understanding?

The rulebook is accurate: dies really does mean "go to the discard pile from play"
Graveyard and Reteller then pull the card out of the discard pile (before any other triggers can happen) and put it someplace else.

I think heroes and tokens are plucked out of the discard and moved to their final destinations right after they get there. Same way Graveyard works.


Rule book says:

When your hero dies, it returns to your command zone and looses any levels gained.


If any units die (by taking damage equal or greater than their HP or by having 0 hp from debuffs) then put them in their owner’s discard pile face down.

It’s well established that units aren’t heroes. I can’t find anywhere in the rulebook anything that would allow a hero to trigger a Dies: Do X effect as written.

To add confusion to matters, the section on tokens says:

If a token ever leaves play, it’s destroyed.

Unfortunately destroyed is never defined and in the case of non-token units it seems to mean put in your discard pile. That interpretation would mean returning a token to your hand would destroy the token which would put it in your discard pile and thereby count as “dies” which we know isn’t accurate…

“When your hero dies, it returns to your command zone” is the same thing as saying “when your hero goes to the discard pile from play, move it to the command zone”.

As for tokens, the word “destroyed” there is overloaded, true. It should probably say “ceases to exist” because tokens can only ever be in the in-play zone.