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Reviving my Troq Mastery!

:ox: Moo!! Now that I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’m thinking about what’s my “One True Style” for Troq, my signature techniques! ,14-,16, I was a more aggressive Troq, trying to win with attacks a lot. Nowadays, I’m more of a turtley player, willing to block several times in a row. I’ve seen some privy folks take advantage of my passivity and build a big hand. Getting thrown doesn’t really bother me much, but that hand-building is difficult for me to face. I gotta throw more, I think! Attacking more helps too, I think?

I dunno, what’s you guys’z One True Style with Troq?? I want some advice. HOW TO TROQ!!


Block a good bit but be sure to throw enough to make them respect it. Other than that, just watch how they’re playing and adjust accordingly.

Missed this post earlier. I remembered this video from 2014. It aged well. True Troq mastery is here:


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