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Request (and PSA): Card previews

With these new forums in place, I want to repeat a previews request of mine in hope that this new forum software might make it easier to implement.

Can we get a way to flag Codex card names so that mouse-overing them brings up the relevent card image? Clicking it could also link to one of the card database sites with official rulings and FAQ entries.
I don’t think I have to explain why that would be super useful for discussion and PbP.

While we are waiting for an on-site solution, I also wanted to make people aware of this Chrome extension: AutocardAnwhere supports Codex amgong other games and does exactly what I’ve described on your choice of all or just a selection of websites.


Anyone know how to implement that idea?

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Do you know any similar extension for Safari Zej?

Sorry, I haven’t looked into it. I saw similiar extensions for Firefox but I don’t know if they cover Codex.

No idea sorry. I’m pretty sure the browser extension looks for the names and replaces them with links. No clue how they display the card images though.

This can totally be done here on the boards with some custom JS added to the discourse install.

Just need to make sure it only triggers on pages with body.category-codex so we don’t bleed into other games’ pages.

I’d volunteer myself, but am on vacation next week so…

Custom html or css is no problem. But I don’t know of a way to inject JS code. It’s a hosted Discourse, so we don’t have access to the configuration files themselves, just the admin dashboard. Maybe there still is a way to use JS though?

Ah, hosted. That could be more of a pain. If the custom HTML in the header/whatever won’t let you add JS tags, I can’t think of a good way to do it.