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Recommended Poker Chip Case for Puzzle Strike + Expansions?

I finally have enough spare cash to buy poker chip case to make my physical version of Puzzle Strike more portable. I have the third edidtion of Puzzle Strike and Shadows, along with the promo chips.

Carrying minimum of chips just for a four player game with both expansions:
24 Wounds
64 One Gems
20 Two Gems
16 Three Gems
12 Four Gems
20 Combines
16 Crash
10 Double Crash
30 Character * 2
120 Puzzle * 2
15 Promo Puzzle
= 497 chips needed

So that means a 500 chip case (at least; I hear that as chips wear they take up slightly more space, and in aggregate that eats up a lot).

I was checking on Amazon and the cheapest cases have the worst reviews, but it doesn’t mean that other cases are actually that much better. I have no idea what to look for in a poker chip case, which means I don’t really know if a review was done by someone who also had no clue about taking care of it. Or barely ever used it. Research must be done.

Then I remembered there’s a forum of people who might have run into this problem. Any recommendations?

I live in NYC and would be taking the case with me on subways and buses. It could get dinged while bumping into the errant person’s bag or subway bar, so I want reasonable clasp strength at the minimum. Material doesn’t matter to me much. Large preference for slimmer boxes, as it gives the option to carry it in a travel bag for extra protection. Was currently looking at trying this: or this

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