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RACE #3: Mooseknuckles ([Past]/Peace/Balance) vs. FrozenStorm (Mono White)

What a bizarre game this is, where my flyers are useless…



Gemscout Owl, Origin Story

Starting Hand

OE Cadet Gemscout Owl Nature Reclaims Flagstone Garrison BattleSuits -> Fading Argonaut -> Moment’s Peace -> OE Cadet -> Moment’s Peace

Gold + f, tech 2 cards (17)
Flagstone Garrison (13)
OE Cadet, Draw (13)
Gemscout Owl, Draw (12)
Fading Argonaut, Draw (10)
OE Cadet, Draw (10)
Midori (8)
Moment’s Peace (6)
Onimaru breaks your T3, your base to 18
weenies + basilisks break your T2, your base to 16
Hardened Mox hits your base for 1
Discard 3, Draw 1, rs, Draw 4

Lookout: Level 8 Onimaru (4/5)

Buildings: Tier I - 5, Tier II (Peace) - 5, Tower - 4, Flagstone Garrison - 4
Units/Heroes: Level 1 Midori (2/3), Tiny Basilisk #1 (1/1), Tiny Basilisk #2 (1/1), Nullcraft (1/1), Hardened Mox (1/1), three weenies (1/1 each), Fading Argonaut %3 (2/3), OE Cadet#1 (2/2), OE Cadet #2 (2/2), Gemscout Owl (0/1)
Base: 14


Workers: 10 + 6 float
Hand: 5
Deck: 2
Discard: 0

New Hand

Flagstone Garrison Moment’s Peace Nature Reclaims BattleSuits Moment’s Peace

Agreed this game is super weird, mostly my fault for doing this weird tech 3 thing… that was not the turn I expected from you, Moment’s Peace was an excellent choice

I’m going to go ahead and concede, as I see no path to victory

@EricF mark me down for another L, and find a way to time travel to buff Jade Fox plz XD or just teach me how to play the game better

imo except strenght, TIII white units are crap.

Not being able to patrol is a huge downside for a Tech III that doesn’t have Haste.

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yeah, i mean fox jade is great only if u have flooded the board with ninjas, so u do not have arrival sickness, to kill everything with a swoop. Imo daigo is terribad, like irredeemable :open_mouth:

good game!

I was surprised to see you go T3, since I’m not really afraid of any of the units. Even if you had played an oathkeeper, he runs into a lot of trouble with moment’s peace. I was most worried you were going to go for a bunch of invisible units against me, which would have been tricky. My deck really doesn’t have a great answer for glorious ninja, so that would have been rough.

It was pretty greedy/poor of me not to patrol a basilisk or two on turn 5. That almost cost me the game I think.

yea I should have teched 2x Oathkeeper in hindsight, or just not gone for tech 3 (really the better plan). Ninjas have such awkward “synergies”, would have been nice for them to mesh better.

Oh well, I’m finding I’m really quite mediocre at this game after all :confused:

ur not! also ur a great teacher! <3

I think you’re being pretty hard on yourself here. Monowhite is a tough deck to play, and you’re going to be at a big disadvantage against just about everything else after T1. I’m certainly not an expert, but if you asked me to rank the monocolored decks I’d have it as the second worst (behind blue).

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Kind of you both to say. I was under the impression general consensus was white was #2 among mono-colors in overall strength, right behind Black. That was my estimation anyway

I’d rank the mono colors

A-Tier: Black
B-Tier: White > Red > Purple
C-Tier: Green
D-Tier: Blue

With most of popular multi-colors ([Past]/Peace/X, [Necro]/Blood/X, [Growth/Strength/X]) being A-Tier and most of the neutral replacements being around their respective mono.

But perhaps I over-estimate White, each color certainly brings both pros and cons :wink:

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imo white cannot be really B tier since going tech 3 is kinda useless, and none of the ult spells is table changing like metam, death&decay,feral strike. Earthquake is good only if u already damaged everything :frowning:

To be B-tier, it doesn’t have to be as good as Blacks end-games (agree that it clearly isn’t as good)

White’s heroes are super strong and all of its Tech 2 plans are very strong, and the starter is above-par I’d say (just having Snapback is pretty huge). I could be convinced Red is better than it, but idk about Purple or Green.

Earthquake ends the game if you can chip buildings (not that hard to do), and Feral Strike doesn’t greatly affect the table if you don’t have some setup as well. FDS is pretty great as well (probably 6-8th best ulti?)

Agree that Oathkeeper is the only above-average tech 3 though. Jade and Hero’s Monument are just so hard to get to work (why is jade so expensive? why doesn’t she offer an actually useful benefit to other ninjas? GN already has swift strike, FFox already has flying… Why not give +x/x to ninjas? It could salvage IPN late-game too! Or she could at least cost less!)

imo purple is stronger. future and present have great TII plans ults are meh, but omegas and hyperion can really turn tables in a flippy. not to mention that both vir and geiger have great assist abilities, while prynn is a anti hero/single unit spec

It’s obviously subjective, but to me…

Black is pretty obviously the strongest and in its own tier.

Green, Red, and Purple are all in the same neighborhood. I feel like Green in particular is really underrated by most people. It has a ton of raw power and versatility, but the lack of haste or removal means that you’re not very reactive. Red is strong in all phases of the game, though it’s harder to play as P2. Purple is challenging to play, but has a really high power level. I find it hard to play as P1, and its heroes are pretty lackluster.

White and Blue are the bottom. Blue’s struggles are pretty well documented. White has the worst options after T1 and almost no way of coming back. Your win conditions are basically a T1 beatdown (leveraging safe attacking and sensei’s advice) or else using your heroes.

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Raw statistics show these win percentages (with popular multi-colors included for reference):

NecroBloodTruth (13-5); 72%
GrowthNecroStrength (12-5); 71%
PastPeaceAnarchy (17-8); 68%
Mono White (18-13); 58%
Mono Purple (7-11); 39%
Mono Green (8-13); 38%
Mono Blue (6-12); 33%
Mono Black (8-17); 32%
Mono Red (6-16); 27%
FinessePeaceTruth (8-5); 62%
DemonLawAnarchy (7-3); 70%
DemonNecroAnarchy (8-2); 80%

Seems kind of hard to trust the mono color stats, given that new players are far more likely to play a mono color. Without digging too deeply into it, I’m assuming that @Zejety and Frozenstorm playing white are what brings its win percentage up. I’m pretty surprised to see black so low, though.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if we did a monocolor tournament.

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Counting only games between two players who each have at least a 50% win rate overall, mono-colors went 9-13 (42%) in matches between a mono-color and not-mono-color.

Wins: 1 Red, 5 White, 3 Black.
Losses: 0 Red, 5 White, 3 Black, 2 Blue, 1 Green, and 2 Purple

So, mono-white is the most popular mono-color among good players, and performs about as well as anything else.

We’ll see how things change once I put the RACE 3 results in - there’s a lot of mono-black in this event. So far, Disease (a generally good proxy for mono-black) is 20-17 (54%), while Ninjitsu is down at 32%, in the same vicinity as other mono-color proxies like Present, Truth, Law, Feral.

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That’s interesting, thanks!

To put you on the spot, if you had to rank how well you think the monodecks would do in a tournament, what would yours look like?

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So, in a 6 player round-robin, where each one played one of the mono-colors twice (alternating going first), I would expect something like:

Black (8-2)
Red (7-3)
Purple (6-4)
White (5-5)
Blue (3-7)
Green (1-9)

(not specifying which color would beat which, just figuring Green would get one win somewhere, and black would pick up a couple of losses)


Whoa! Shots fired @ Green!