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RACE #3: Hobusu (Mono Green) vs. PointyFinger (Mono Black)

I had a Deteriorate in hand, so I would have tried to dig for sac the weak, deteriorate shambler, sac the weak to deal with basilisk, then bone collector to block. If I miss on sac the weak I probably just bone collector in SQL. I lose it to a rampant growth but I don’t think there is any better line of play, I just have to hope you didn’t have it.

I could also choose to use Garth as the blocker and midband him to dig a few extra cards with Skeleton sacrifice, which I think protects me more from a Rampant Growth

Edit: I always have to mid garth in both lines, so yeah, I would go for digging as much as possible for sac, I think I get 2 shots at it if I skip a worker. I would probably only want to see one card here though, so I would then go back to Bone Collector and hope you don’t have Rampant Growth

If I looked back at the right post, my next hand had Ferocity in it, so if Calamandra and Basilisk lived I’d be able to use swift strike for the same purpose. So really, putting Spore Shambler in Lookout might have been better yet to make it just a bit harder to combo Deteriorate + Sacrifice the Weak. My biggest problem against Black so far is just knowing how to work around the spells correctly… I panic and mess up every time.

Clearly I need to get one of the people I play against IRL to buy Black for himself so I can practice against someone more consistently (I know he was interested in getting it when I showed him Sirlin’s blog posts about Demonology and Necromancy – he plays Black a good bit in Magic, so he saw lots of stuff that he liked).

Yeah, Ferocity would have worked as well and gotten the same outcome. My line tries to play around this as well as they both do the same thing to me but you get to stay up a basilisk and then I am in a pretty rough spot.

Black has been my favorite to play so far.

Yeah, Black seems to be a popular choice. I’m using Red and Green for RACE just because I want to stick with what I have access to IRL (so it mirrors the experience I’d have if I walked into Fantasy Strike Expo or something), but I’m really looking forward to trying both White and Purple. I’ll probably enjoy Black too, but I don’t like the flavor as much.

I played Red for CAFS and didn’t really think it fit my play style as a card gamer. It did stuff I thought was cool but the starting deck feels kind of low power. I do like monogreen a lot and it’s my other deck for this tournament

Yeah, I’m in a similar situation, except that I feel like both Red and Green are a bit too extreme for me – Red is super aggressive, and Green has almost no aggressive options (by which I mean everything except Wandering Mimic relies on one of your units or heroes surviving at least 1 turn). Both White and Purple are a bit more in-between, and they also mesh with the kinds of things I’ve wanted to do in other CCGs for ages.