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Quick Match Revival

Hey, all!

I was inspired by @PumpedAaron to see what I could do about reviving quick match in some way. I was thinking about some kind of fancy technical solution, and then decided instead: Hey, let’s just see if people’s schedule line up in a way we could keep going.

So, here’s the Yomi Quick Match Revival Doodle Poll! Fill it out with what times you’d be up to playing QM with people on a regular basis. (It’s labeled as being for this coming week, but fill it out for the times that you’d be regularly available). Once there’s critical mass, I’ll post the top few times here and to the Yomi Tournament calendar, and hopefully we can get some regular quick matches on!


We need Zexx and his decree

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Hey guy! Glad to see you kikin it:dragon:

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I think its starting to work @vengefulpickle! Course I dont wanna speak too soon.

Yahoo!! I got like 15 matches in so far! Now we’re talking!


If any of you 10 or so people who looked at the doodle and didn’t respond did that because the interface is pretty terrible for this many options, just post your hours and I’ll transcribe them into the poll for posterity

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Not a huge number of responses, but it looks like Sunday and Weds/Thurs at 8pm are the winners. I’m going to declare Sunday and Thursday by fiat, until more people vote. See you then!