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Questions on white Ninjitsu

What does white have for making Ninja’s into the killers of legend?

They are 1/1’s. Safe attacking makes them 1/2’s. The only thing else that I see is “Sparring partner”, which slowly gives them +1/+1, up to 2/3.

What I don’t see is any way to make ninjas into killer units. Inverse Power Ninja starts as one, but it quickly gets weaker. (2 IPN’s by themselves seems to be the best way to use them.)

What am I missing? I do see things that bring out more cards, so “cycle the deck” – lots and lots of cheap, weak ninjas – seems to be all it can do.

Now, large-scale stealth is nothing to sneeze at – it can get you into the base. But you have to either take out their units or leave enough for the patrol line.

Am I wrong in thinking of the 1/1’s as primary ninjas? Is it just that they are “beginning school children ninja”, and the real combat troops are the racoon, glorious, and flying? (But those don’t benefit from safe attacking.)

What are the primary combos for white ninja? Even with her spell buffs, Sets isn’t what I’d call a major combat person. Most of the units die too quickly for the healers to be of any use (… so why are they there?). So what am I overlooking?

The theme for the ninjas seem to be to be stealth and speed. Stealth in the forms of stealth/invisible and speed because they can hit things and not be hit back (flying and first strike) and they have haste. Feels pretty ninja like to me. Making them just have monstrous combat stats wouldn’t feel too ninja-y.

You do have cookies and Senseis too buff them with in mono white.


Waves and waves and waves of Ninjas, basically. Setsuki’s max-band means she is cycling through to her Ultimate extremely regularly. Lots of 1/1s means that you can always set up a free kill with Setsuki having Swift-Strike. Glorious Ninjas are monsters no matter when you play them.


Yea the key to it all is Setsuki, and really Fox’s Den Students. FDS and Safe Attacking doesn’t just make your little ninjas 1/2s, it effectively makes them immune from tower turn after turn. Two straight turns casting it and you’ll have so many ninjas piled up you’ve probably won.

Ninjutsu Tech 2 is primarily useful for Porcupine and Glorious Ninja (who are both nasty attackers and brick walls on defense, especially if you can get a +1/1 on them via something Sparring Partner to put them at the magic tech-killing and hero-smothering 5 attack)

Fox’s Den School, Masked Raccoon, and Flying Fox are situational at best (I don’t think I’ve ever seen Raccoon used, School can be helpful to make Glorious Ninjas untargetable, and Flying Fox is decent when paired with something to make it hasty, like Drakk.


I have heard that ninjas make for pretty decent Dancing Partners.


A couple dancing GNs and a FDSchool would be pretty sweet. Put one on offense, one on defense in Elite, and assassinate. Maybe work towards a pair of dancing Spine-pigs or FFoxes afterwards for the kill condition?

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