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Question regarding ‘Draw Phase’ app vs physical card game

Ok new player here and I have been using the app to learn the game (awesome app, by the way). My question is on the draw phase.

Let’s say I want to use overdrive for BBB. On the app the first thing during a turn is the draw phase so I put the 9 down. Then on combat I draw the card I want to use for for the overdrive.

My question is: how does this work for the actual physical card game? I ask because if there is a draw phase where I put the 9 face down doesn’t that kind of give away what I am trying to do? Not exactly give away but maybe hint that I will at least throw down a face card? Ok so I tried to critical think this and these are a few answers I came up with:

  1. there is no draw phase in the actual game and you just put both cards down during the combat phase
  2. there is still a draw phase and you can just put an unwanted card instead of the 9 to fake out the opponent and discard it when the turn is over. I did notice the app doesn’t let you do this, though.
  3. i can put down the 9 during the draw phase and not put down a face card to fake out the opponent but this would be a waste of an overdrive card.

I’m very sorry if this is a stupid question but I really would like to know as I have been playing the card version at a very basic level with my nine year old and it kind of dawned on me when we played last night and I chose BBB. Thank you for any input.


Hello, welcome.

Abilities with the “Draw phase” timing trigger may be played from the hand for their ability before combat cards are placed down.
To do this, you play it face up to the table, and announce you’re activating the ability.
After you’ve finished using it, if it doesn’t say to attach it to your character card, discard it.

Then, once both players have finished playing abilities, proceed to the combat phase.


Complete Edit: my original reply here was on Onimaru’s Final Authority but please disregard this post as I’m an idiot and did not fully read the Final Authority description. It turns out it is a combat reveal card. Thank you for your help


No sweat dude, the specific interactions can be a little tough to wrap your head around sometimes, especially on some very complex characters like Quince and Persephone.

Just take it slow and read the cards carefully, most of the information is provided on them or in the rulebook.

Happy hunting!

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Yes actually the app has helped me tremendously in learning the game. The crazy thing is the tutorial doesn’t make sense until after you throw yourself into the practice mode vs the AI first as it forces you to actually play through each phase of the turn rather than throw a whole bunch of info at you first.

Seriously, thanks for helping me. I’m sure I’ll have a whole lot more questions so I’ll make sure I ask them on this forum.


Here’s a related question: Do draw phase abilities on cards trigger before or after the actual card draw? I’m thinking of Persephone mainly here with her Bare Your Soul. Can the Persephone player play BYS before the opponent draws his/her card for that draw phase?

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no. first you draw, then you can activate draw phase abilities.