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Question about jaina and rook


i just started playing Yomi online. Nopethebard told me to contact @Rinzler and @migohunter, but i cant send PM right now.
I’m looking for general advice for Rook, and the BBB matchup, as well as Jaina general gameplan.


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One good place to check out is the Collected Resources thread. Among other things, it has not 1 but 3 Jaina guides, plus Rook 101 (not sure if that covers the BBB matchup, though).


My basic BBB advice is “block as little as you can get away with”

Also a good strategy to learn how to deal with a particular character is to play as them a little while and see what people do to beat you and what things you start worrying about.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t. I had a paragraph written up in the old forums, but didn’t pull that into the new ones.

Here is the 5 min summary: in the early game your face cards will win basically any combat reveal unless BBB reveals single or double A. In the late game, you will need to have 5s to deal with AA to have a chance of winning. It is Rooks worst match-up.


There are Jaina guides available but if you want a general Jaina gameplan in a nutshell:

Against grapplers, play your attacks that do a good amount of chip semi-often and buy them back. Against characters way faster than you, you got to block more than normal and punish their throw attempts with high normals, K, or J. Against characters with similar speeds, just play neutral.

I like buying back a lot for card advantage. But sometimes you don’t want to buy back if your HP is at a certain level (like 50HP or less vs Zane because of Maximum Anarchy).

If you have a bad hand don’t make it too obvious. Normal draw is good for getting out of a bad hand quickly. Be careful throwing because all your good throws are on blocks. Power up for and mash fast cards like Qs and As to put on the pressure when you’re 35 HP or less. Throw when your opponent is scared of them. Watch out for blue bursts (jokers). Play Unstable Power when you need damage because it’s a 50/50 mixup and you get two Aces if you’re right.