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Puzzle Strike Challenge 2

Hi all, I’ve just begun playing Puzzle Strike on the PC and am stuck on puzzle #2.
In this puzzle, the opponent has to gain 5 wounds in 2 turns.
I’ve given him 4 wounds by doing:

End action phase, buy Blues are Good, end buy phase, play Axe Kick, play Gem Essence (& trash a one-gem chip), play Blues are Good (& search for Really Annoying), play Hex of Murkwood [1 wound], play Really Annoying three times [now on 4 wounds].
This is where I get stuck.

If anyone could provide any tips or nudges, it would be much appreciated!


Hi, @MuseumRevenant! Some of these PS challenges are tricky, huh? :o

Nudge 1: Think about the amount of wound-giving tools in ye deck. Do ye have enough at the start of this?

Nudge 2: Washers are useful! And, they’re good for more than just clothes!

I hope that those help! :smiley_cat:


Thanks very much @variable, I’ve completed the challenge!
There are two discoveries that I made during this challenge (I’ve hidden them in case anyone doesn’t want anything spoiled):


Firstly, that Signature Move lets you play any character chip, not just the one that you searched for.
Secondly, that you can buy multiple chips in the buy phase, so long as you have enough money.

This game certainly has some of the most engaging mechanics I’ve come across and I look forward to playing more of it!