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Print & Play Files - Patrol Zone

Picked up the Print & Play of Codex after hearing lots of great things from Kickstarter backers who received their physical copies, and I am HUGELY impressed by this game. Combines lots of my favorite mechanics into one sweet package.

However, I noticed something a little strange – in the Print & Play Patrol Zone file, the Squad Leader is positioned ahead of the other 4 positions. While this makes sense thematically, it doesn’t translate very well into utilizing table space efficiently. You end up with a bunch of empty space in front of your patrol zone.

Am I missing something and there’s an actual advantage to this layout, or should I try my hand at modifying the file to place a different slot in the back (or, perhaps do a 3-2 layout, or some other variation)

I think the layout only serves the purpose of fitting on a single page. In the retail version, the squad leader slot is simply the left-most slot.


Actually,. it is also to remind people to attack squad leader before attacking anything else. But yes, It is mainly to fit on 1 8 1/2 by 11 sheet.


Squad leader used to be on the same line than elite, scavenger and technician.
But at this time lookout was behind, to fit on a paper sheet :slight_smile:
I recommend you to build your own patrol board, coloured as you prefer :slight_smile:
I personnaly plan to make a wood one, painted in black :slight_smile: