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Pocket Rumble

Continuing from the old thread

For anybody that doesn’t know about this game, here’s a rundown.

June’s new low projectile makes her redic, medusa becomes guarenteed chip in most situations or a lockdown in the corner. Quinn’s a lot different than I imagined he would, but there’s a lot of potential with him.


Wow, thanks for telling me about this! :scream:

After the failed kickstarter I though what a shame it was, that this game did not get funded.
It had promising gameplay and did an awesome job in catching the spirit of the neo geo pocket KoF game (which I loved playing with my Pocket Color).

I did not know, that this was beeing made despite the failed kickstarter and I totally forgot to check what happened to this game.

Will purchase this as soon as I’m back at my PC :smiley:


How many characters are there now?

What’s the community like these days in terms of activity? When I first played, I could pretty much only play with a few people who lived near me due to latency issues.

Tenchi, Naomi & Parker are fully playable

S11 & June are just missing some art

Quinn is a work in progress

As for community, just ask for a match on the discord


ヽ(・∀・)ノ━(∀・ノ)━(・ノ )━ヽ( )ノ━( ヽ・)━(ヽ・∀)━ヽ(・∀・)ノ━ “Geiger Geiger Geiger Geiger …”


according to the discord, Hector is getting released this week

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v0.4.0.0 Patch Notes

-all modes playable
-all characters available in ranked

-all jump moves now have 7 recovery (+1 from last patch)

-standB: +3 startup, jump arc decreased
-only options off wall now: A or B or down(drop off)
-you can attack in dash-hop
-jumpA: new move
-jumpB: new move
-lowB: new move
-neutral A+B: removed (to be replaced later)

-jumpA: +1 startup, -1 hitstun
-jumpB: +1 startup, -2 hitstun
-downBackA: no more homing, more pushUp

-Character has been completely reworked

-meter amount necessary for armor decreased to 5

-now playable

-bunch of bluescreen fixes

-Keiko meter is just a picture
-Quinn has no meter/super
-some moves turn characters into green boxes
-some animations are ugly placeholders
-Keiko downBackB does not have proper shader support

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I just want Subject11 to have full animations. Hopefully soon.

All that it’s missing atm are crawlimations and armor iirc

His standing command throws both seem to be missing as well.

Your wish has been granted!

Pretty much all that’s left until release are a few more sprites/sounds, but otherwise, the game is quite playable atm

Also, Switch release


Fuck yesssss!

This game is so infuriatingly faaaast!


Switch release instantly got me interested again! With the simple control scheme, I’m guessing you can play it with just a JoyCon?
(Can’t watch the video on commute)

From the trailer, it seems that way

I havent played this for almost a year, seems like a good time to get back into it! :smiley:

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Still haven’t watched the trailer (oops!) but saw that the Switch release date is March and price is $10. Good stuff!

So how does Hector even work? I’m kind of generally baffled by the basic game plans of most everyone beyond the original two characters.

Also, for what it’s worth my Switch friend code is SW-1754-7557-4300

Gonna be picking this one up day one

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Sorry,I feel dissatisfaction.
They didn’t make a gesture for me.
Too late announcement, no apologize, no correct.
They ignored my question and protest.

And no more additional character ? Huh?
Where is Kick ? Geiger ?
They asked other makers for rent of the characters?
It’s very rude.
They broke the goodwill of backer and the cooperator.
I may not enjoy the game obediently even if
Kick and Geiger come in the game.

I can understand why you would be unhappy! They didn’t update the game for months in a row and didn’t say anything. Unfortunately I don’t think Kick or Geiger are coming, because they don’t have enough money to make them. Maybe if the game is a big hit when it comes out? : \

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