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Playing bots while waiting for a match

Hell everyone,

So while I’m waiting for a quick match online it says I can play against bots. Is it as simple as choosing a bot difficulty in the dropdown menu under my opponent’s slot? I did this the other day and never got a match. I wasn’t sure if no one showed up (I’ve only found 2 matches in several days) or if when I chose to fight a bot in that menu it closes the seat for a real opponent.



Yup, just pick a bot difficulty and character (or pick random), and play until someone shows up. It will not prevent someone from joining your game/matching against you - if you didn’t get a match, it’s likely because nobody entered quickmatch while you were waiting.


Thank you much good sir.

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It sometimes glitches where the guy you get matched up with fills for the bot. You can just concede and not lose points.


I have a question about yomi bots and didnt know where to ask.

Does any difficulty of the bots cheat?
(Know what I played in combat and plays its counter. Or cheat draw good cards)

Nope. Monkey bot plays mostly randomly, Yomi bot plays according to a very, very complicated web of heuristics and tendencies and other such stuff.
Neither cheat.


Cool I wanted to practice some yomi but didnt feel like wasting my time if the ai was a cheater.
I can now work on my valuation.


If the animations are to be believed, the AI locks in their card before you have a chance to decide what to play. This is of course, assuming that they don’t use sleight of hand to change the facedown card they played lol

Hard AI has “good” draws most of the time.

If you spectate you can see the cards the AI plays?

Yeah, if memory serves Thelo has pretty high personal standards and takes pride in the AI boys* he developed for Yomi and Puzzle Strike being reasonably good at the games they play.

*autocorrupt typo but I refuse to fix it