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Periodic PS Meetups

Worry less about specific banks, and more about each puzzle chip. Every character has puzzle chips they really need, and others they really hate. Being able to identify these quickly will be easier than a bank as a whole.

Also I’m around for a while right now, if you want.

Right on, let me grab my tablet!
That makes sense about the reads, just a lot of info to process at the time. What a great game!

GTG, if you set something up I will join in.

I’d just like to play some casual games in general. Maybe we should try to revive some casuals evening.

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Hey, I’m totally down to play whenever as well. Can someone link me to the web client? The old address just goes to a site only about his new fighting game, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get to the old flash player spot to play online. Thanks!

Edit: It appears the browser versions got shut down. I’ll have to get it on iOS then.

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I’m on Pacific Time here, generally at work evening Wed-Sun (have iOS on tablet)…might be able to sneak in a game or two!

Ah nice, much nicer on the mac at home than the tablet at work. I see there is one unlocked character…does it rotate through or is it fixed and need to purchase others?

It rotates and you can pay small amounts of gold (IIRC you get some for your first game or win of the day) to play any character for one match.

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Nice! Only thing I don’t like about my tablet version is separate chat screen, keep missing stuff and slowing game while I scan to catch up lol.