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Periodic PS Meetups

Anyone want to periodically meet up on the server to play puzzle strike? Usually people aren’t around, and I imagine that will only get worse as… stuff happens. So! I’d like to play puzzle strike regularly and if you do to maybe we can work something out.


I think the best way to do this would be to use a thread for manual matchmaking - announce in advance that we’re going to be online, so other people can meet us there. Or reply to an earlier announcement indicating one’s intent to also be present.

Incidentally, I’m planning to be on the PS web client at 22:00 GMT tonight.

I play puzzle strike and love it all the time. For the next week basically I’m free any time day or night as a result of friends being at college and me not. So HMU, willing to play this game with anyone.

I haven’t played PS in a long while and have never been anything close to competitive in it. But I enjoy the game and would like to give it another go. A friend even gifted the Steam version to me some time ago.


I would also like to play this game again sometime. Whenever ya’ll are going to meet up count me in.

Same here, I’ve enjoyed playing it with my family quite a bit and I’d like to have more opportunities to play. I’m curious to see what it’s like playing against people other than beginners (probably bad for me, but that’s fine).

I’ve also only played casually against friends + family so far, I’m probably trash at the game but wouldn’t mind getting some online games in :slight_smile:

I have only played PS in person a hand full of time but would love to play some online. Feel free to tag me in any tread if there a met up to play online. (So tired of playing against the cpu =p)


Same here!

Does anyone have a suggested time?

When I have the time I’m usually free at 23: 00 Gmt on weekdays and usually free morning on weekend anytime after 1 pm Gmt

Hey what about some Puzzle Strike meetup on 1:30pm GMT tomorrow ?
@UTRALAW @ap49 @Bucky @AaronD @Jude @Hobusu @Redless @Zejety
Simply camping the QM search I mean :smile_cat:

Sorry, I’m busy this weekend.

I might.


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That should be fine for me.

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I might be able after 3:30 GMT.

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I probably wouldn’t be able to make it at that time, unfortunately - it’s kind of early in the morning for me, and it’s been a long week :sweat_smile:

But for those who are playing, have fun!

I’m here !

I’ll be on in a couple minutes.

Edit: That was fun, but I need to stop for today. Thanks for the great games, @Bomber678! :smile: (Sorry to my other opponent, I forgot your name already! :cold_sweat:)

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I don’t think I can make it today.

I’ll reply to this thread if things change.