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PERFECT against Human player

Hello, everyone! I’m Xiba. I played a room match with @flagrantangles and maybe it’s my first time to get perfect against a human player. So I want to record it here.
:grave: :psfist: :knockdown: :quince:
When I saw Quince, my head exploded. I was afraid of his innate and his 4, so I prepared to use fast attack more.
Turn 1: Q vs throw 9
Turn 2: J vs throw 9
Turn 3: J vs block 5, he got no card thanks to my innate
Turn 4: fast J vs slow 5
Turn 5: now I have three Qs in my hand so I felt that I can’t lose with that Qs. Q vs block 9
Turn 6: wanna save my Qs so I chose K and it worked again. K vs slower Q and combo into 6.
Turn 7: Q again and this time caught his A. Q vs slower A.
Turn 8: The fourth Q! He didn’t expected that! Me too. Q vs throw 8. Now I have one A and three 10s and one dodge one throw in hand so I want to power up for 2 As to give him pressure. 26hp left.
Turn 9: I should throw this turn because opponent was sacred with my As and he may use block or dodge with a high possibility. However I use dodge to slow down and this move confused opponent! dodge vs dodge this turn.
Turn 10: just As to get 45 damage and he use throw. Perfect!
Gg and thank you @flagrantangles!
If you are interested in this match, you can see my replay.


I feel insecure but charmed!


Right I’m gambling :grin: