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I’m going to PAX! Anyone else?

I will be in the PAX Rising section on the 2nd floor between the Twitch and Capcom booths demoing a game that just hit Kickstarter today! It’s my longtime gamer buddy Gary Chao’s game so I’m helping him exhibit it this weekend. If you are a fan of Portal, Braid etc. it’s a great co-op puzzle platformer that you can either play solo or with a friend! Plus I think I’m gonna get a free shirt and some awesome perler bead/button stuffs.

This will be the third time I have been to PAX; the first two times were years ago when it was still possible to get tickets without extreme shenanigans. This year I literally took a nap one morning in April and tickets were just gone lol

I love Seattle (especially the weather) and the food is great so it will be a great time imo.


I definitely need to make it out to a PAX sometime. Probably the one in Boston, since it’s juuuuust inside my “willing to drive there” distance.

I’ll be there :slight_smile: Friday and Monday and Thursday (Pre-PAX Board gaming). I’ll have to stop by and say hi. One of the perks of living in Seattle :wink:


Oh! Did you end up stopping by today?

I did not but I will today. Bonus however, I brought my Red and Green PnP of codex and introduced it to a friend while at PAX, and several people were very interested in it and asked for details on when codex was coming out.