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PAX West

Anyone at PAX West next week? I will be as usual and am happy to say hi and/or play some Codex.

I will be there! But I will be helping out a friend exhibit this game in the PAX Rising section (trying to weasel my way into getting Fantasy Strike at PAX South, lol)

Oh that’s cool! What game? I’ll have to try and check it out.

It’s a great puzzle platformer that messes around with the concepts of positive and negative space. Really great level design. If you’re a fan of games like Portal and Braid I think you’ll enjoy it.

Best part is that it’s the same game if you play it single player or co-op with a friend. You can toggle between the two characters by yourself or each of you gets control of one of them and you can work together to solve the puzzles :slight_smile:

Come say hi!

But srsly though the guy who books PAX stuff is interested in Fantasy Strike so once we’re able to show off a public build of the game I can try to weasel my way into PAX. In the meantime I’m gonna talk to Indie Megabooth about their process because their setup is pretty legit, too.