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Panda misprint

I was just looking through the Panda vs. G. Panda set and found a misprint. Panda is just an alternate-art Lum, but in this special version his 10 throw damage is printed as 10+3+3+3. The pumps should all be +4. It’s listed correctly on the character reference card.

Though I fixed the error on Vendetta’s reference card with a careful sharpie dot, I think I am going to leave this one alone.

Edit: after looking even closer, there might be one on the reference card as well. It says on the reference card that when you get a straight flush with Poker Flourish you get ALL of the other abilites instead of having to choose two. This may be on purpose due to the matchup against G. Panda, but it’s also the ONLY place this ability is outlined, as abilites aren’t written directly on the actual playing cards in this set.

I don’t believe these are misprints. The Panda in that set is actually v1 Lum. Panda’s Q should also do 2 chip damage.

The Queens don’t have any chip. As for the 10 throws, the pump damage is +4 on the reference card and +3 on the cards themselves. As for the Poker Flourish, I don’t know if that was intentional.

very odd then. I’ll have to check my set once I get home.

Any verdict on this? @Leontes ?
Should the pump do 3 or 4?
Should the Q do chip?
Should the straight flush activate all abilities? And is there an order of operations for that?

Any chance those of us owning this set could receive corrected cards?

Follow up questions, for G Panda: is there a max number of Panda coins you can own? For his 2* ability, when do you deal damage and do knockdown? Would it disrupt the opponents dodge?

If I’m not mistaken, canonically, the answer to any issues with the promotional G. Panda deck is “a wizard did it”


Evrabodies a commedienne


I thought the quote was “Everybody’s a critic”.

Both apply in this case.

What’s your take on it @PumpedAaron? 3 pump or 4? Chip on Q or no?