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Sorry if a thread like this already exists I tried searching for it and didn’t find anything.

I’m curious what people on this site do for fun other that analog/digital gaming? do you have any other hobbies? I’ll start.

I really enjoy reading books on politics and history. I’ve gotten more into politics over history in the last year or so. My favorite author by far is Thomas Sowell. I find myself reading quite a bit of Peter Schweizer as well. I find his books to have good information but tend to be a bit dry.

I enjoy listening to political commentary as well. I like listening to: Thomes Sowell, Peter Robinson interviews for the Hoover Institution, Ben Shapiro, Christina Hoff Summers, Camille Paglia (okay), Some Dave Rubin Interviews, Sam Harris, Larry Elder, and Jordan Peterson.

I’ve been getting back into early punk rock. The Misfits are particularly popular at my place, my wife listens to Last Caress on repeat while getting ready for the day. I also dig Cock Sparrer, The Clash, and The Ramones. Other bands/musicians I like include: Sparta, At the Drive in, Bach, The Smiths, Two Gallants, The Specials, and Nirvana. Does any one know of any fun twisted songs in the same vein as Last Caress? I’d be interested to know about them.

I miss playing drums and would like to get back into it but they’re expensive and I’m not sure that it would go over well with the four people a share walls with. Maybe some day.

I’m into guns. I have four at the moment. I’ve got a S&W .38 special, Springfield XD9, Remington 12 gauge shotgun, and a Ruger Mini 14. I’ve got several guns on the radar but again expensive so will be awhile before I’ll get another one. I really want a lever action rifle, got my eye on Marlin’s Model 1895GBL, and will probably get one next.

One hobby (not sure if it’s technically a hobby) I’d like to get into is emergency preparedness and maybe a little camping. I would like to learn how to best handle different types of survival scenarios and learn some skills to go along with that such as basic medical knowledge and sowing.

How about you? I’d be really interested in hearing what people that hang out on this site are into.

I’ll post more later, and i’m gunna let you finish, but I make the best god damn wings of all time!

I also like cooking as a hobby.

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Another reason I wanted to post this thread that I failed to mention in the OP is that starting new hobbies is pretty difficult if you don’t know anyone that currently or has ever engaged with that hobby. I thought if we got some people on here to say what they’re into it might help others who want to get into that hobby to be able to ask questions.

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I enjoy building and tinkering with gadgets. I am getting better. Some examples of some things that I have done are building a PC, changing an Ipad battery, and building a crypto mining rig with my uncle. I need to step up my game and learn to solder.

@ClanNatioy , the names you have listed for people that you enjoy listening to are very much up my alley. Recently, Jordan Peterson has convinced me to do simple things such as making sure my house is in order. I grew up in a Christian household, and I am rediscovering some of the ancient wisdom that passed me by through his work.

I am on a mission to follow the Wahls diet protocol and work out on a consistent basis. This has lead me down the road of focusing on medicine and health. I would recommend The Fat Burning Man podcast because he has many diverse guests that focus on different aspects of health.

I could add more, but that will be all now.

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