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Orpal in Yomi

I was thinking about how Orpal could work in Fantasy Strike, seeing how poison as an effect is already taken. My only not-inherently-super broken idea was that it powered up a particular move. I started to consider the logistics of such a thing in FS/Yomi and he started to seem quite Jonny-like. Here’s where it went.

Plague Lord
85 HP
x.6 atk spd
x.8 throw spd
7 damage throw + KD

Spreading Plague
When Orpal deals damage with a face card, it is attached to his character card. Orpal has +1cp for each attatched card (max 5cp). He may use this additional cp in the same combo.

2 A/B
3 A/B
4 A/D
Gorgon’s Gift
Draw a card for every 2 attached face cards
5 B/D
6 A/D
7 T/B
8 T/ B
9 A/B
10 T/B
Withering Touch
2.6 spd atk
6(3) damage 1cp linker
Diseased Slash
1.0 spd atk
7(2) damage 2cp ender
3.0 spd atk
8(4) damage 1cp linker.
(Imagine Orpal sending a creepy Raven as a projectile for the card art)
Carrion Curse
1.4 spd atk
1 damage 1cp ender
Death and Decay
4.6 spd throw
20 damage can’t combo
When Carrion Curse hits, it deals 3 damage for each attached face card or A, then returns the attached cards to your hand. Death and Decay gains 8 damage per attached card when it hits, then discards them.

J and K seem to fill very similar roles. Perhaps making one of them a cool starter would be neat?
Overall I’m a fan of the design, but perhaps there should be a limit on attached cards, not just the combo points. Otherwise those supers could be a bit ridiculous. Although, it’s not specified how many aces they use, so my opinion could change depending on that

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@Bomber678 Sorry I forgot to specify that D&D uses 4 aces. It should take a good bit of momentum to get a super crazy setup. The lack of a hard cap on super burst damage is on purpose because it is sufficiently resource and setup intensive to make it something of a trickshot and I think it’s interesting to have faraway possibilities like that.

The thing about Js and Ks being similar is a good point. I should probably rework K a bit to differentiate it.

Depends on if you’re designing mainly to show off interesting ideas, or designing to emulate what a real deck might look like. If the latter, consider Arg or Oni. Face cards don’t always need to be fancy or drastically different.

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what does this mean? A does not attach themselves (at least according to what written above). Also, making dmg so heavily dependant on attached faces makes his supers highly unreliable, imo. Not to mention that Q cannot be played unless another face card is already attached. If one draws Qs at the start of the match, they just clog the hand. Imo it’s a very weak char as is

Hmm, I believe Yomi rules as stated would still allow you to play it as a combat card, like how you can play ‘Can’t Combo’ cards as your combat card.

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I played with being able to attach A, but then decided against it. Mostly this deck is meant as a brainstorm. I think somewhat unreliable supers that are potentially devastating are conceptually interesting (see also Raven’s kick super in Xrd).

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Here’s a mean idea: what if you could instead attach cards to remove your opponent’s combo points? Orpal kinda has that theme of weakening enemies.

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Pour one out for Onimaru and BBB.

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Onimaru is completely unaffected, for the reasons I stated above


I think that’s why an idea I had for Orpal involved reducing the damage instead of the combo points, so that there wouldn’t be weirdness with running out of points. Felt a bit closer to how -1/-1 runes work too.

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As far as I can tell, not having enough combo points doesn’t prevent you from revealing a combat card, it just means you aren’t allowed to combo after; the rules as written only care about your combo points when it’s time to combo.

So it’d kinda be like Arg’s warding card.

i see it differently. Arg’s ward makes every attack/throw an ender, while before playing a card you must have the necessary combo points. So imo 2 cp Q is unplayble as long as orpal has 1 cp.

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By rules as written, you never check combo points until it’s time to do a combo.